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The Phantom Woman

45 minutes
Original Japanese release: 1990 (Artmic/Bandai/Youmex)
US release: 1993 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (8/96): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub/Hybrid)
Contains nudity, violence, adult situations

MegaTokyo, Japan. 2027 AD...

A rainy night somewhere in Tokyo. The Tokyo Police investigate a gruesome crime scene. Thinking the perpetrator is a boomer, a call goes out for two other squads in the area to find it. But the boomer has already found them first.

A battered and bleeding young officer, the only survivor of his patrol, has his gun drawn and aimed at the boomer, wearing the guise of a beautiful, lingerie clad woman. The woman advances on the shaky young man, taunting his inability to pull the trigger. She asks if he, of the "normal" police, thinks he can kill her, and adds she kills men who can't satisfy her.

As she closes in for the kill, a shot rings out. Officer Leon McNichol of the Tokyo Police Department has finally fired, driving her back to the alley wall. As she collapses, an earring falls from her ear, tinkling as it lands on the pavement.

Time passes. A waitress-boomer is running amuck in a Tokyo Chinatown restaurant, killing patrons and police officers alike. As the waitress emerges from the building, continuing her assault on the TPD officers, a voice rings out from the heavens. A hovering helicopter announces that the AD Police now have jurisdiction over the scene, and the normal police are to pull back.

As he speaks, an AD Police troop carrier arrives at the scene, disgorging the assault team it carries. Included in their number is rookie ADP officer Leon McNichol. While the veteran officers talk among themselves, Captain Dieork "persuades" the restaurant's owner to sign an authorization for the ADP to destroy his boomer. Signature obtained, the troops are ordered in.

One officer fires an electric web at the rogue, ensnaring and apparently short circuiting it. With Officers Alus and McNichol holding the disabled boomer, Jeena Malso moves in to cut its nerve pathways while it is dormant. But the boomer suddenly comes back to life, causing Leon to lose his grip. Jeena and Alus deal with things themselves for a few seconds, but the boomer eventually throws Jeena to the side, grabs Alus's gun, and kills him.

Enraged, Jeena charges forward and, using her cybernetic right arm to good advantage, engages the boomer in hand-to-hand combat. She is ordered back, the laser targeting sights of her ADP cohorts making their point. Once out of the way, they open fire, destroying both the boomer and the restaurant storefront.

Later that evening, Jeena removes her blood spattered gear and begins to wash off the night's blood and grime. Leon steps into the room and begins to apologize for his part in Alus's death. Jeena cuts him short, saying that she doesn't expect much from rookies. She then goes on to tell him that action and the sight of blood make her hot, and she has to have a man.

As she approaches the stunned rookie, she reaches up and plays with the dogtags around her neck. A ring on the same chain tinkles softly against them, and Leon flashes back to the scene with the boomer in the alley, the last time he heard a sound like that. He jerks away from Jeena with a scream, the image of the female boomer on his mind. Just then, the door opens. There's a question about Alus's insurance.

Jeena, Leon, and the insurance agent meet in a nearby bar. The Agent tells them that nothing wrong was found with the waitress boomer's circuitry. The only discrepancy related to the boomer was that the restaurant had been running it around the clock instead of in 12 hour shifts, as recommended. But several things about Alus have also come into question. He had heavily insured himself against death in action, and also frequented that particular restaurant. He had come into contact with that boomer several times. He had heavy personal debts.

Jeena is appalled that the agent thinks Alus did something to cause the boomer to go crazy so he could be killed on duty to get the insurance money to pay off his debts. Leon theorizes that maybe there were mental troubles in that particular type of boomer, and if so, then wouldn't Alus's death be an accident? When the agent agrees that that would be true, Jeena announces that she and Leon will investigate. If they can prove that something is wrong with that boomer type, Alus's insurance will be paid. The agent agrees, giving them 6 hours to prove it.

Their discussion is interrupted by a fracas near the pool tables. A woman, trying to leave, has broken the arm of a man who was harassing her. As she strolls out of the bar, Leon watches in disbelief -- she resembles the boomer woman of his nightmares, right down to the tinkling earring.

A short time later finds Jeena driving about the city in her usual reckless style. A wary Leon questions why they are doing this, but Jeena doesn't want to hear it. She changes the subject by asking Leon why he rejected her advances.

He explains about his early confrontation with the female boomer, a boomer so advanced that it even had vocal chords and body odors. When she wonders why such an advanced boomer went awry, Leon tells her that the investigation found that its program destructed due to emotional disorders manifesting during sex. He also mentions that he has trouble accepting that as the cause. Jeena and Leon are so wrapped up in their conversation that neither realize they are being followed and scanned.

Jeena points out that emotions run high in a woman, especially during sex, which causes Leon to remember that that particular boomer had illegally recycled parts in it. Jeena's heard of such things, and decides they should investigate that angle. They drive to a rather seedy part of town, and walk down a dark alley. Just after they leave their car, their pursuer pulls up to the curb.

Leading the way down the otori-lined alley, Jeena comes to a hatch sunk into the ground. The open hatch reveals a staircase leading to an underground compartment. Jeena greets her informant, and asks for information on individuals who illegally recycle boomers. He tells them that there are only a handful of people who deal with the boomer type they are interested in because it is an old type, and begins to develop the list of names.

While he does so, he also provides them with some interesting bits of information. There is great interest in recycling boomer parts responsible for sex functions because those functions are very popular, so those parts tend to be recycled over and over. It is also possible that, depending on the recycling technology used, an abnormality in the mental side of boomers using those recycled parts occurs when hormone signals distort the boomer's biochip during sex.

Jeena and Leon are running out of time, and have little to show for it. The contacts they've made so far have all proven negative. Sitting in the car trying to decide what to do next, Jeena notices the car's computer monitor has several locations highlighted. It's obviously a hack, but they decide to investigate the locations anyway. Because of the short time left, the pair split up.

Sitting in a car outside a closed shopping area, the woman from the bar rejoices. Finally, she can get Leon alone. She is a boomer, the same boomer that he has nightmares about. After she was killed and taken to the police department, she was disassembled and examined. And then she was recycled. As Leon walks by, she gets out of her car.

Jeena walks into a boomer factory, asking for data on B-class recycled boomers. The operator says he's only authorized to deal in D-class boomers, but changes his tune when Jeena says she has proof that he deals in the B-class as well.

The female boomer stops in front of Leon, but, thinking she's a prostitute, he brushes her off and continues on his way. She follows, taking off her clothes until she's clad only in lingerie, and follows him again, quietly pleading for him to remember, and do what he did to her before.

Back at the recycling plant, Jeena, gun to the operator's head, is finally getting her information. Flashing through the records, she's shocked to see the image of the woman from the bar. The operator confirms that she is an A-class boomer, the best product he's ever turned out. Jeena demands to know where she's at now, but the operator doesn't know. He tells her that they recycled her, but couldn't delete a particular image from her memory file. Jeena makes the connection between the woman in the bar and Leon's first boomer, and realizes that she's after Leon.

At the shopping area, Leon finds himself in familiar circumstances: battered, bleeding, and chased by a scantily clad female boomer. Although it didn't stop her before, he shoots her yet again, causing her to fly backward through a storefront window. As he leans over the body, she reaches up and grabs his gun, causing him to fire into the ceiling. The shot knocks a ceiling spotlight to the floor, where it crashes onto his leg.

Now crippled, Leon crawls backward as the boomer advances once more, still silently begging him to kill her. Leon fires repeatedly, each shot driving her back for a moment, after which she resumes her relentless march. Finally, he runs out of ammunition. In frustration and defiance, he throws his now useless gun at her.

The bleeding female boomer kneels astride him, taking his head in her hands. As she leans forward, a shot rings out, the bullet striking her in the center of her forehead. Falling over backward, an earring falls from her ear, tinkling softly as it lands on the floor. A soft rainfall begins, soaking Leon and the just arrived Jeena, who are left staring at the shattered boomer.

It is proven to the insurance agent's satisfaction that the boomer that killed Alus was of illegal manufacture, and so his insurance money was paid. Still, Leon wonders: "When it looked like that boomer was about to kill me, I was thinking things like 'maybe boomers, seemingly mere mechanical dolls, were better suited than humans to this crazy town.'"

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                    Original Cast          English Cast
Leon McNichol       Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz
Jeena Malso         Matsuoka Yooko         Regan Forman
Alus                Abe Atsushi            Trampas Thompson
The Phantom Woman   Asagami Yooko          Kelly Chalaire
Dieork              Genda Tetsuyoo         Mark Fincannon
Saeki               Nakeo Takemasa         Donn Ansel
with                Ueda Toshiya           David Kraus
                    Umezu Hideyuki         Charles Page
                    Morikawa Toshiyuki     Vincent Schilling
                    Horimoto Hitoshi       Scott Simpson
                                           Michael Sinterniklaas

Music Credits

Title Theme: "Dead End City"
Music by Identity Crisis
Performed by The Gold
Ending Song: "What a Fool I Am"
Music and Lyrics by Lou Bonnevie
Performed by Lou Bonnevie
Other Songs: "Rockin the Beat"
Music and Lyrics by Rey Magtoto
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

Music and Lyrics by Nonoy Tan
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

"Happy Days are Here Again"
Music and Lyrics by Toto Gentica
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

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