ADP 2 CD Cover


The Ripper

40 minutes
Original Japanese release: 1990 (Artmic/Bandai/Youmex)
US release: 1993 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (8/96): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub/Hybrid)
Contains nudity, violence, adult situations

Another rainy night in MegaTokyo. A shadowy figure moves down a trash strewn alley, following a young woman into a rundown subway station. After the woman boards a graffiti covered train car, she spots a lavender haired woman watching her from the next car. The young woman moves back through the empty train cars, attempting to get away from her pursuer, but to no avail. She is eventually cornered, and the lavender haired woman draws a large knife.

Terrified, she asks her assailant what she wants, and in reply is asked "How much?" Surprised, the young prostitute states her price, and is then asked how old she is. As she replies that she is 14, the knife wielding attacker makes her move, gutting her victim. The girl's cries go unheeded as the shabby train continues its journey down the dark subway tunnel.

Sometime later, two uniformed detectives from the Tokyo Police Department, the "Normal" Police, stand outside the entrance to the subway. The shorter of the pair, Iris Cara, rubs almost continually at her right eye. Her partner, Vanessa Bach, comments that since the Paradise Loop subway is involved, prostitution and drugs are involved with the crime. Iris wonders aloud why anyone would want to come to a dangerous place like this. Vanessa laughs at her, calling her 'old fashioned.'

The Paradise Loop subway is a belt line that had been shut down over 10 years earlier, when the super-conductor trains opened for traffic. For some reason, the power wasn't ever cut, and the Paradise Loop continues to run, an outlaw no-man's land.

Inside the train, Iris and Vanessa inspect the prostitute's body. Medical examiners tell them that her abdomen has been completely cut out, but it is most likely that she actually died of a heart attack rather than from excessive blood loss. She is identified as a prostitute who has been doing business lately on the Paradise Loop.

Leaving the station, Iris and Vanessa spot an AD Police van parked to the side, and AD Police officers setting up equipment. They go over, questioning their jurisdiction. After all, the ADP is supposed to deal with terrorists and boomers. Leon McNichol asks them how many women have been killed on the Paradise Loop. Before Vanessa can answer, another ADP officer says that because the Normal Police have been using lack of manpower as an excuse for not doing anything about the murders, the ADP is going to be investigating.

Iris and Vanessa take part in a meeting held by their Chief. The only common points of reference among the six recent murder victims are that they all had their abdomens cut out, and were all prostitutes on the Paradise Loop. Identification specialists have determined that there is a high probability that the murders may have been committed by a malfunctioning imprinted AI, in other words, a boomer. He thinks that since there is a possibility that a boomer is the killer, the case should be handed over to the AD Police.

Iris disagrees. She proposes a theory that the killer is a human woman, because cutting out abdomen is an emotional response based on anger or hate. Boomers don't possess those kinds of emotions. The Chief asks if anyone else agrees with that opinion, and Vanessa says that there's a strong possibility that Iris is right. The Chief authorizes an investigation team for the case, but orders that it be in cooperation with the AD Police.

After the meeting, Iris and Vanessa relax in the office. Iris's eye is still bothering her, and Vanessa advises her to go to the Bank. She can get a cybernetic eye in a 5 minute exchange operation. Vanessa comments that her own left little finger is cybernetic, but you can't tell it. When Iris looks away, Vanessa calls her old fashioned.

That night, shots ring out through the city. A man in torn clothes stands at the edge of a building's roof, several police officers behind him. He turns to face them, showing that he is more boomer than human in appearance. The officers open fire on him again, including fire from a helicopter-mounted machine gun. He is blasted over the side of the building, and laughs all the way down to the ground.

After he hits the pavement, he gets up and opens fire on an approaching ADP car, using his mouth cannon. His shot blows out the windshield and damages the car's roof, and the driver, Leon McNichol, is barely able to maintain control of the car and bring it to a stop. The passenger, Jeena Malso, has been injured in the action, so Leon opens the car door and fires point blank at the rapidly approaching boomer-man, killing him just before he can discharge his mouth cannon again. Later investigation uncovers a card from the Cybernetics Bank of Tokyo in his wallet.

The next day, Jeena and Leon visit the Bank. Jeena needs to have her damaged cybernetic right arm repaired, and Leon, feeling guilty although her injury wasn't his fault, is keeping her company in the Bank's waiting area. Uncomfortable in this setting, Leon fidgets and looks around at the roomful of people with varying degrees of cybernetic prosthetics and enhancements. He suddenly spots something unexpected: Iris Cara walking down one of the Bank's corridors.

Literally grabbing her out of the hallway, Leon drags her into an examination room, where he heatedly tells her that the Bank is a place for "organleggers" who cut out human organs and exchange them for cybernetics, then store the organs and sell them to rich people who want organ transplants. He demands to know what Iris is doing there. She tells him her eye hurts, and she's thinking about exchanging it for an artificial eye. Leon almost explodes; to his mind, even if you change a small part of your body, you become something other than human.

He is flabbergasted when Iris laughs at him. She calls him old fashioned, tells him that he won't live long if he's against artificial organs, and leaves him with a stunned look on his face.

In the consultation room, Iris's doctor recommends she have her eye replaced, even if it's only bothering her a little. They are interrupted by a woman's shouts coming from the next room. Looking through a gap in the wall divider, they see a tall, well dressed blonde woman yelling at a doctor. She has apparently had her female organs cybernetically replaced at one time, and she wants them back.

A short time later finds Iris in the back seat of Jeena and Leon's speeding ADP car, leaning over the seat, urging Leon not to lose the car they're following. Leon and Jeena want to know what this is all about: Iris jumped into their car without being asked, after all. Iris replies that it is Normal Police business.

Satisfied that Leon won't lose the car, Iris thinks about what happened at the Bank. After her consultation, she literally collided with the blonde woman in the corridor. The woman asked if Iris could hear everything that had happened, and said she was embarrassed about it. Iris told her that she didn't hear anything, but it was obvious the woman didn't believe her.

And now Iris, Leon, and Jeena have followed the woman's car to the docks, and she has disappeared into a slum. Leon comments that they won't be able to find her in there. While Irene ponders what to do next, a vent from underground expels a blast of air, blowing Iris's skirt into the air. Jeena mentions that Paradise Loop runs under this location.

Another prostitute is found dead in the Loop shortly thereafter.

Vanessa runs a check on the blonde lady. She's identified as Caroline Evers, the President of Green Corporation. She was married six months earlier, but her husband doesn't work. She had had her ovaries and uterus removed and replaced by cybernetic organs, and her kidneys modified 5 years earlier, and became President of Green 3 years ago. Despite having had the lower half of her body modified, she's still capable of having sex. To Vanessa, she seems like the perfect office lady.

Iris, though, has a feeling about her. The two begin a photo surveillance in their car, parked in front of the Green Corporation offices. Neither notices an ADP surveillance van parked across the street. After a while, though, Vanessa leaves. There's a sale on, and she doesn't want to miss it. Iris continues the watch by herself.

In her office, Caroline stands watching the car parked in front of her building from her window, when her body begins to spasm. She eventually ends up on the floor, writhing in agony, clutching her abdomen. Shortly afterward, she leaves the building, and Iris follows on foot.

The trail leads through a shopping complex and down an alley to the entrance of an underground area. Iris climbs down the stairs and finds herself in an abandoned subway station. She steps down to the track level, now filled calf-deep with water. As she starts down the tunnel she wonders aloud where the tunnel leads to. She's startled to hear a voice behind her: "To Paradise Loop."

Before Iris can do anything, Caroline Evers has a knife to her throat. As Caroline searches Iris, throwing away her police identification and crushing her homing signal, she asks Iris what she wants. Iris replies by asking Caroline if she's the killer. When Caroline says she is, Iris asks her why she's killed so many people.

Caroline explains herself: several years earlier she's been up for a promotion, but a man got the job. He'd gone to the President of the company with a graph charting her menstrual cycle against her productivity, and said that it was obvious that her productivity falls during her period. Although that wasn't true, she had all her female organs replaced, and afterward her work became flawless. Soon she had her own company, and the man who'd cheated her out of her promotion was asking her for a job. She realized she loved him, and married him. She gave him everything. The sex must have been better than with anyone else. And then she found out he'd betrayed her with a Paradise Loop prostitute. When she confronted him about it, he said "Real women are better after all."

So she killed him, and began killing the prostitutes as well. She doesn't know why she's doing it, though. Every so often, menstrual pains, which should have been long gone, come back, and before she realizes it, she has a knife in her hand. It seems a change inside the body brings about a change in consciousness, and now she doesn't know if she's a human or a boomer. To emphasize the point, Caroline slashes her left hand open, revealing that it's cybernetic as well.

Iris tells her that she's human, because only humans kill out of hate. Caroline asks Iris to kill the woman inside her... the human side of her, and begins to attack with the knife. Just then, the ceiling collapses, a wall falls in, and spotlights come on: the ADP have arrived. Caroline runs off down the tunnel, several officers giving chase.

Iris begins to collapse, but is caught by Leon. She asks him what they're doing there, but another officer replies that it's just proof ADP is doing their job. Jeena walks up and Leon asks where Caroline went. Jeena says she ran away, but there's nowhere for her to run to. The other officer offers to get Iris an escort out of the subway, since it's now an ADP job, but Iris is adamant: Caroline is human, so the Normal Police will catch her. The others are surprised at her comment. Caroline Evers is a boomeroid, and the ADP has orders to terminate her.

While other officers block the tunnel, Leon explains it to Iris. If a human has 70% of his or her body replaced with cybernetics, then the individual is treated as a boomeroid. Caroline is the test case for the new revision of the Boomer Law. Iris is appalled: What's the difference between 69% and 70%?

Meanwhile, Caroline has finally made it to the Paradise Loop train. She drags herself into a car filled with the dregs of MegaTokyo. They look up at the well dressed passenger with interest. She tears open her blouse, and invites them to take her.

The train eventually collides with ADP's blockade, and derails. Caroline Evers is killed in the crash. Iris stands quietly over the body for a few moments, then leaves the car. On the platform, Leon and Jeena share a smoke. As Iris passes, Jeena comments that Caroline died as a woman, and she hopes Iris is satisfied. Iris freezes in her tracks and doesn't look back. Leon replies that in MegaTokyo it doesn't matter whether you're human or boomer, because it's all the same in the end. Iris turns to look at them for a moment, then leaves, tears in her eyes.

A few days later, at the Cybernetics Bank of Tokyo, a doctor asks his patient if she's sure she wants to continue with the procedure. The patient tells him "yes." The doctor puts a surgical drape across Iris Cara's face, leaving her right eye exposed, and then moves equipment over her eye and begins a scan.

As he begins, Iris thinks: "And thus, I threw away a part of being human."

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                    Original Cast          English Cast
Leon McNichol       Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz
Jeena Malso         Matsuoka Yooko         Regan Forman
Iris Cara           Tominaga Miina         Juliet Cesario
Vanessa Bach        Shinohara Emi          Amy Nelson
Caroline Evers      Doi Mika               Hadley Eure
Chief               Kawakubo Kiyoshi       William Gibson
with                Suzuki Kiyonobu        Christopher Alexander
                    Murakuni Morite        Matt Balzon
                    Miki Shinichiroo       Eddie Harrell
                    Yasunaga Satoko        Amy Parrish
                                           Michael Sinterniklaas
                                           Amanda Tancredi

Music Credits

Title Theme: "Dead End City"
Music by Identity Crisis
Performed by The Gold
Ending Song: "Love Me Tonight"
Music and Lyrics by Rene Novelles
Performed by Lou Bonnevie
Other Songs: "Young Hearts Young Minds"
Music and Lyrics by Lou Bonnevie and Toto Gentica
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

"Words & Music"
Music and Lyrics by Raffy Amaranto
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

"I Need Your Love"
Music and Lyrics by Ed Formoso
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

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