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The Man Who Bites His Tongue

40 minutes
Original Japanese release: 1990 (Artmic/Bandai/Youmex)
US release: 1993 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (8/96): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub/Hybrid)
Contains nudity, violence, adult situations

Scenes from a life: a square jawed young man stands smiling under a tree. Winning a boxing match. Posing in front of an AD Police armored vehicle with his friends. Resting after a hard day. Roughhousing in the squad bay. Walking with his girlfriend. Being strangled by a boomer. Being carried into an ambulance, girlfriend by his side. Lying in bed with a flat-lined heart monitor.

An AD Police helicopter ferries officers to the scene of a boomer fight. On board, a worried officer tells his Captain that he's counting on him. The Captain tells him not to worry. And then we see the Captain, a heavily armored figure, more boomer in appearance than some boomers.

This is Billy Fanword, an ADP officer critically injured in the line of duty, his brain transferred into a cyberdroid body. His tongue is the only remaining piece of his human body that he can get sensation from. When he needs a reminder that he's human, he bites his tongue. He is Captain of the AD Police Special Mobile Squad. He Experimental Anti-boomer Battle-Cyborg Unit Number 1.

The boomer fight continues, with the rogue boomer going wild, killing ADP officers with both blows and laser blasts. Billy contacts the commander on the scene, Dieork, who orders the troopers back as Billy moves in. Eventually, Billy destroys the boomer, viciously tearing out its power connections.

After the boomer is destroyed, Billy walks through the remaining officers, who wonder out loud about him. "He's been acting strange lately. He wasn't like that before." He walks past Jeena Malso, who also asks if he is all right? Billy ignores her.

Billy returns to his "home," a room with a chair off of an ADP laboratory. On his return that night he had been scolded by the researchers there, primarily by Dr. Manabe. She scolds him for his recent behavior, then gets involved in a discussion with another doctor about Billy's problems, totally ignoring Billy's presence. Manabe feels Billy's recent troubles are mechanical in nature, perhaps a disconnect between part of his nervous system and the machinery. The other doctor thinks they are related to how he uses his brain, and thinks it best to erase Billy's memory.

Now Billy thinks back to earlier in the evening, when he'd walked past Jeena as she called his name. And even further in the past to other, more intimate moments he'd shared with her.

At that same time, the object of Billy's contemplation is sitting in a bar with her partner. Jeena and Leon McNichol question the viability of having a Cyborg Unit when there is only one real member: the ADP has neither the manpower nor the money to fully support such an operation. Jeena muses on about Billy, how he won't talk to her anymore, and Leon asks if they knew each other. He's surprised with the answer: they had lived together.

Jeena also tells Leon her biggest fear, that, because her right arm is cybernetic and linked directly into her nervous system, she might some day end up like Billy. Stuck in a body that isn't human anymore. She fears that soon even the deepest corners of Billy's soul will become mechanized.

Back at the ADP Labs, Manabe has another discussion with a co-worker. The thought this time is that Billy's recent problems may be due to sensory deprivation. After all, he's basically a tank with a human brain, and, as such, he's lacking stimulation. Manabe decides to increase the dosage of the drug DA-27 Billy has been receiving. Her colleague objects, as introducing stimulants into the central nervous system in large doses is dangerous. Manabe orders the others to do as she says. She's responsible for Billy's maintenance. And with a late night visit to Billy's room, she takes care of "stimulating" him too.

Another boomer incident increases Jeena and Dieork's worries about Billy. He's being sent out on every call now, and seems unusually enthusiastic about his work.

Jeena waits for Dr. Manabe in the building's parking garage. She wants to know what they are doing to Billy, are they giving him drugs? Billy's recent behavior isn't normal. Manabe replies that yes, for a time he was moping and his combat effectiveness was waning. But when the body got used to the soul, it all came back to normal. Jeena should know that; she experienced it herself after all. Jeena is appalled. Back to normal? Sure, she tells Manabe, he's much more than he used to be, but that's not Billy anymore. It's not the normal Billy. She can feel it.

At the site of still another boomer incident, Billy walks away from the flaming scene, dragging the boomer behind him. Jeena runs up and grabs him, stopping him for a moment. "Billy! Do you understand? It's me, Billy!" Billy pushes her aside, and continues on his way.

Later, in his room, Billy menaces Dr. Manabe because she won't give him more of the drug, DA-27. She tells him she can't increase the dosage any more, because his brain will be ruined. In frustration, he slams the wall with his fist, and, holding his head in his hands, slumps over his chair. He desperately asks when he will go out again. Manabe asks him in turn not to make trouble for her. As she leaves he tells her not to cut the power, because he wants to listen to some cassettes.

A call comes in to a book center, but it soon becomes clear this is no normal book center. The customer wants DA-27, and the worker is eager to fill the order.

Manabe and her assistant have yet another discussion about Billy. His combat ability is waning again. Manabe asks if Billy can function without drugs, and the assistant is not sure. She tells him that she hope Billy can hold together until she can present her paper about him at an upcoming meeting. After that, he can die in the line of duty. Unknown to them, Billy has been listening to their conversation.

In Dieork's office, Jeena is very upset. Dieork warns her: they can't interfere with Dr. Manabe. Jeena wants to know what's going to happen to Billy. In her eyes, Manabe is using him for human experimentation. Dieork asks her what she thinks she can do about it. Can she fix Billy?

The book center dealer drops Billy's cassettes off at the ADP information desk, but Jeena intercepts the package and discovers the drugs. Up in his room, Billy is hallucinating badly, and Dr. Manabe comes in to see what's wrong. He demands drugs from her, and, frightened, she tries to get away. Before she can get very far, Billy grabs her by the head, and squeezes. A short time later, Jeena runs into Billy's room and discovers Manabe's lifeless body in Billy's chair, and Billy gone.

While Billy begins to rampage through ADP Headquarters, Jeena warns Dieork. Billy meets up with Dieork's Tactical Squads on the second basement level. The officers open fire, to no effect, as Billy escapes through a hole he blows in the floor. Dieork orders his troops to go down to that level and stop Billy at the Boiler Room.

In the Boiler Room, Billy cuts a wide swath through the hapless police. All the while, confused thoughts whirl through his mind, but one soon comes to the front: "Someone, kill me!" He eventually meets with Dieork and Jeena. Dieork fires, hitting Billy in the head, but it doesn't stop him. Billy fires back, wounding Dieork in the shoulder, then turns and walks away. Dieork sends Jeena after him alone, reminding her of what she already knows: she has to kill Billy.

Leon catches up with Billy, but meets the same fate as the other officers that night. Billy floors him with a negligent swipe of his hand, and then strides toward him to finish the job. He is brought to a halt by a shot from behind him. It's Jeena, who warns that she's going to kill him.

Billy walks slowly toward her, begging her to kill him. Leon wants to know what's wrong with her? Why doesn't she fire? With tears in her eyes, she brings her weapon up. Billy begs her to make him feel pain, because he doesn't feel anything. He sticks out his tongue, and asks her to shoot his tongue.

Jeena screams and fires five times, each shot punctuated by an image of their life together.

Afterward, Jeena and Leon stand over the wreckage that was Billy. Crying, Jeena turns away and wonders if dying as something like Billy is what's going to happen to her too.

A few days later, a funeral service is held on a sunny afternoon. To one side of the mourners, Leon and Jeena observe the service, and Jeena realizes: "In the end, Billy was a two time loser."

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                    Original Cast          English Cast
Leon McNichol       Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz
Jeena Malso         Matsuoka Yooko         Regan Forman
Dieork              Genda Tetsuyoo         Mark Fincannon
Billy Fanword       Wakamoto Norio         Pierre Brulator
Dr. Takagi Yooko    Tamagawa Sakiko        Suesan Cullen
Hyde Cash           Suzuki Kiyonobu        Paul Sincoff
Psychologist        Ooki Tamio
with                Horimoto Hitoshi       Rod Barker
                    Miki Shinichiroo       Scott O'Quinn
                    Morikawa Tomoyuki      Eric Paisley
                    Takagi Wataru          Scott Simpson
                    Kurihara Rena          Michael Sinterniklaas
                                           Amanda Tancredi

Music Credits

Title Theme: "Dead End City"
Music by Identity Crisis
Performed by The Gold
Ending Song: "Cry Cry Cry"
Music and Lyrics by Toto Gentica
Performed by Lou Bonnevie
Other Songs: "I'm Every Girl"
Music by Nonoy Tan
Lyrics by Rey Magtoto
Performed by Lou Bonnevie

ADP 3 Question: Can anyone explain this? Why do the credits for this anime refer to Dr. Takagi Yooko? The main researcher is called by the name "Takagi" in one scene, but throughout the rest of the story she is referred to as Dr. Manabe.

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