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These are synopses of the complete plot of the anime OAV series AD Police, a pre-quel to Bubblegum Crisis. As such, they should definitely be considered spoilers. If you have not yet seen the episodes in question, and don't want the story given away, don't read them. Consider yourself warned. They have been summarized and distributed for personal use only with the permission of AnimEigo, Inc. Much gratitude is also due to AnimEigo for providing many of the images on these pages.


MegaTokyo. 2027 AD.
Another Story of Bubble Gum Crisis

Relentless technological development has resulted in the creation of Boomers, artificially intelligent androids with the potential to free mankind from physical labor. But anything that can be used can also be misused...


ADP 1: The Phantom Woman -- AD Police rookie Leon McNichol gets his first lesson in the school of hard choices when he and his partner, Jeena Malso, are given the job of tracking down the cause of several incidents of Boomers running amuck. One of these Boomers has a vivid memory locked in her mind, the image of the man who destroyed her. The image of Leon McNichol.

ADP 2: The Ripper -- Detective Iris Cara doggedly investigates a string of vicious murders. All the victims have two things in common: they are all prostitutes, and they have all been disembowled. Along the way, she meets a female executive who has had herself artificially augmented to get ahead in business. Is there a connection between the newly available implants and the murders? At what point does one stop being human and become a machine? Iris Cara is about to find out.

ADP 3: The Man Who Bites His Tongue -- After being critically wounded battling a runaway Boomer, AD Police Officer Billy Fanword becomes the recipient of an experimantal cyber-operation, and is reborn as an invincible cyborg policeman. But Billy, who can only confirm his humanity by biting his tongue, soon finds out that invincibility isn't all it's cracked up to be.


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