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Geo Climbers

45 minutes
Original Japanese release: July 1992 (Artmic)
US release: 1992 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (6/01): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub/Dub)
Contains violence, strong language

A group of scientists is working on a new boomer design. Dr. Haynes, leader of this group, wants to show their creation off to his friend and former co-worker, Dr. Yuri. While Haynes leads Yuri to a storage compartment labeled "A.D.A.M.A.", he tells Yuri he would like his opinion about what they've done. Yuri says that his opinions are unimportant: Haynes has finally done it, and the world is awaiting the unveiling of Adama.

Haynes points out that they both worked under Dr. Stingray, and that Adama was designed from the data Stingray left behind. He aimed for a boomer more like humans than any existing boomer, one that can also be a friend of mankind, as Doctor Stingray had hoped. Yuri calls it a 'second generation boomer,' but Haynes thinks it's a little early yet for such labels. He doesn't consider building Adama to be serious work.

Yuri thinks the new AI that was developed for Adama is amazing, and will probably be integral in the creation of a new human civilization centered around boomers. Haynes is pleased: this is what Dr. Stingray had hoped for.

Suddenly turning serious, Yuri finds it laughable that after Dr. Stingray died, the scientific community thought that he would be his successor. But he's been surpassed by Dr. Haynes' achievements. Haynes is surprised that this has bothered Yuri. Yuri tells him that it's a pain a single-minded researcher like him wouldn't understand. And so, he must follow the same road as Dr. Stingray.

Haynes doesn't know what he's talking about, until the laboratory doors open, revealing five armed men. Yuri tells Haynes to "give my regards to the Doctor," and steps to the side as his men open fire on the researchers, killing them all.

Yuri laughs over Haynes' corpse, then opens the cabinet labeled "A.D.A.M.A" "Why hello, Adama," he says. "I'm sure we'll dream good dreams together." He then orders his men to take the cabinet away.

Later, at AD Police headquarters, Leon McNichol briefs other officers about the second generation boomer that has been under development for the past three years by Zone Corporation. It has a new AI that makes its mental processes and actions closer to human than previous boomer models. As an example of how close to human it is, Leon says that it has such conversational ability that you couldn't tell it was a boomer if you talked to it over the telephone.

Daley Wong notes that it's no stronger than a human and doesn't have as much combat ability as other boomers, although it is almost certainly armed. After all, it massacred the entire laboratory before making its escape. Leon directs the officers to read the report carefully. You can't identify the second generation boomer from outward appearance, so they'll have to use their heads.

Standing in the background at Dr. Haynes' funeral is Sylia Stingray. She had known Haynes since she was a child, and now she remembers him promising her that he would finish her father's work.

At the same time, Linna Yamazaki, Priss Asagiri, and Nene Romanova are enjoying the wonders of Geo City, a giant city that descends 300 meters below ground. Completed just that year, this Hyper-Intelligent Space is part of the Underground Development Plan.

Linna is the loser in the round of golf the three play (Nene +17, Priss +18, Linna +19), and has to pay off their bet by treating the other two to lunch. She's already a member of the club, but this little extra expense is a bit much for her. Nene tells her to pay up, because she lost and she knows it. As they lounge in the hot tub, Priss comments that Linna has to be making a bundle off her membership, and Nene wonders if it's really okay to build a golf course underground. There's no more open space left above ground, Linna tells them. It's underground from now on.

As the trio ride the elevator to the surface, they discuss the situation with the second generation boomer that killed everyone in the laboratory. Linna asks if the Dr. Haynes that was killed was the same one that was an assistant to Sylia's father. Nene thinks Sylia's probably in shock over it all.

Priss has another point of view. "It was 'cause he was making good-for-nothing boomers." When Linna tells her not to talk like that, because Sylia's father was the creator of boomers, Priss says that's why he was killed in that accident. She doesn't understand how he could have given his life for boomers, and wonders how many other people have died because of them. "I hate boomers and the jerks who make them."

At the surface, the elevator doors open to let the young women out. Entering the car they just left are three military-looking men, one of whom is Dr. Yuri. Linna comments that they must be soldiers, going to the military staging area underneath Geo City.

In the staging area, Dr. Yuri is demonstrating the EM-302 Iron Lizard, an experimental crab-like combat boomer he developed. Yuri begins a demonstration of the EM-302's power. To begin, it readily destroys two opponents. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, and it tosses one of its opponents through the control room windows, then tries to climb into the control room itself. Yuri has to engage the emergency circuit breakers to shut it down.

The officers, not wanting to 'end up like Haynes did,' aren't impressed. Yuri explains that they're still working on the boomer's AI, and expects to have better results by the next week. "So its power is first-rate, but its brain is third-rate," one of the men comments.

That night, the four members of the Knight Sabers Organization meet in Sylia's penthouse apartment. Priss takes some time to look around the apartment, and comes across a photograph of Sylia, her father, a boomer, and two men. Priss recognizes one of the men as the fellow she saw with the soldiers earlier in the day. Linna remarks that the other man must be the murdered Dr. Haynes. Nene takes a look, and recognizes the younger Sylia, commenting that "she was still cute back then." Of course, Sylia has chosen that moment to come up, unnoticed, behind Nene, and wants to know what that was supposed to mean.

Getting down to business, Sylia begins her team's briefing with the schematics of the second generation boomer, "Adama." The AI components used by Adama were the ones that the Illegal Army was after. She feels that since Dr. Haynes was continually advocating peaceful applications for boomers, Adama's AI would have been programmed to reject orders such as murder. It just shouldn't be able to kill people.

Nene points out that eyewitnesses said they saw a boomer brandishing a gun. Sylia is convinced that that was set up, and that it wasn't Adama. She also believes that the person who set that up is the same person who made off with Adama. Just as the person who killed her father, Dr. Stingray, twelve years earlier was the same person who stole his research.

Shaking off her reminiscence, Sylia continues by saying that Dr. Haynes' creation, Adama, was the completion of her father's dream of a new generation of boomers, very close to human and friendly to man. Priss, though, is skeptical. She doesn't believe that boomers can be like human beings. Sylia concedes that it might not be possible, but her father believed that it would happen. Priss continues to be skeptical, saying she wouldn't want to live in a world like that, only to be told that she'd change her mind when she met Adama.

Changing the subject, Linna says that it sounds like Sylia knows where Adama is, and Sylia agrees. Since only a few people knew about Adama to begin with, she's already figured out that Dr. Yuri is behind everything.

Dr. Yuri sits in front of a monitor, reviewing data on the EM-302, when the screens go wild. An outside signal has taken control of the monitor. A voice, the same Voice that was directing the Illegal Army, asks him if he's still analyzing Adama's data. It's taking longer than expected because Dr. Haynes left very little data behind. The Voice tells him to hurry, there isn't much time left. Yuri replies that he should not worry because they have Adama itself. The Voice gives him three data to transmit the data, or he will have Adama moved. Disgusted with that "damn terrorist," Yuri leaves his lab, wishing the case labeled A.D.A.M.A. "good night" on his way out the door.

After Yuri leaves, red lights on the container's casing flash, and the container unseals itself, revealing Adama. Adama steps from the container, scans the empty laboratory, then ties itself into the computer system, scanning for the locations of the subway and Geo City.

It's a typical night in downtown MegaTokyo, and the punks are out in force. One small 'person,' clad in a bright orange jumpsuit passes unnoticed in the throng. But then someone does notice that this isn't a person, but a boomer, one with the name tag "Adama" over the jumpsuit's breast pocket. "I ain't never seen this kind before," one woman says. "Ain't this thing got no owner?"

Another person asks Adama what he's doing there. Adama replies that he'd like to get on the subway but is afraid he's become lost. The crowd is stunned. They've never heard a boomer talk like a human before. Adama doesn't realize the stir he's causing. He just wants directions to the subway.

Finally someone offers to help Adama out, but sells him to a used boomer dealer for 1700 credits instead. The dealer is happy; he's gotten a top of the line boomer for a fraction of what it's really worth. Adama is confused. Is this the way to the subway station? The dealer doesn't know what he's talking about, and tells him to stay put in the shop.

When Adama explains that he has to get to Geo City, the dealer wants to know if he has an owner there. But it doesn't matter really. The dealer plans to erase Adama's data, making Adama easier to sell. The other option is to chop Adama up and sell his top-of-the-line parts.

They are interrupted by the AD Police at the door. While Leon McNichol and Daley Wong question the dealer about his buying any boomers of unknown ownership recently, Adama slips out the back door.

Sylia has sent Linna, Nene, and Priss to stake out Dr. Yuri's lab in District 7. Nene says that the easiest way to sneak in would be to go through the underground sections. Priss isn't paying much attention to Linna's and Nene's discussion of their assignment: she can't get behind this job. Nene suggests that the loser at jankan (rock-paper-scissors) has to go underground to Yuri's lab. Priss thinks it's a great idea, not knowing that Nene and Linna have rigged the game so she'll lose.

In the meantime, Yuri has returned to his lab and discovers Adama gone. He immediately contacts the Voice to ask if he had Adama moved, then reports his discovery. Adama couldn't have gone off on his own, could it? The Voice damns Dr. Haynes for leaving Adama ready to activate, but Yuri says that boomers can't activate on their own. The Voice tells him that he's underestimated Adama. This is what it means to be a second generation boomer. Yuri is ordered to recapture Adama at all costs. His AI is essential to their project.

Wandering the tunnels under Yuri's lab, Priss grumbles about her having to rescue "some damn boomer." Linna, in contact with Priss via cell phone, wants to know what she's grumbling about. Priss's accusation of being set up is met with grinning denials. Linna then tells Priss that she and Nene are right outside Yuri's lab, so she should call if anything happens.

Priss soon realizes she's being followed, and sets up an ambush. A small cloaked boomer, wearing a striped shirt and overalls, runs headlong into her as he rounds a corner. Priss asks what it wants, and it asks her how to get to the subway. He saw her going underground and followed her because he thought she'd know. She doesn't, though, and tells him to go ask AD Police.

Walking away muttering about boomers wandering around in a place like this, she hears him running after her, calling for her to stop. She turns around again and tells it to stop following her. Almost incidentally, she asks where his owner is, only to be told that he's dead. The boomer tells her it was a very sad thing, and Priss actually gives her condolences.

Suddenly something clicks for her as she realized this boomer speaks a lot like a human does. She grabs him by the shoulders and asks him his owner's name. When told that it was Dr. Haynes, she realizes that this is Adama.

She can't do anything about her discovery, though, as the two of them are suddenly blinded in a spotlight. It's one of Yuri's men, who immediately opens fire. As the two of them run down a tunnel, the man reports back to Yuri that Adama has been found in the sewer system. Adama orders all of his men, actually boomers, after Adama, then wonders just what Adama's up to.

Back in the sewer, Priss and Adama finally gain some breathing space. Adama tells Priss that he escaped from Yuri's lab by himself, and that the boomer chasing them is the same one that shot Dr. Haynes.

The two of them hide as the boomer comes around the corner. He stop and scans the area, then fires on the piece of equipment Adama is hiding behind, bringing Adama to his feet in surrender. He then continues his scan, and isolates on another piece of equipment. Before he can fire, Priss comes to her feet and fires three shots from her anti-boomer gun, destroying him. She turns to Adama and tells him that they need to go, she's there to rescue him.

While more of Yuri's boomers activate, Priss unsuccessfully tries to make contact with Linna and Nene on the surface. She becomes irritated when Adama asks her about going to the subway, then decides that it's a good idea. She can call the others from the public phones at the station.

As they walk away, Adama asks if her having a gun means she's AD Police. Priss tells him that she just carries it around so she can destroy boomers, like him. Adama thinks that's awful, but before they can continue the debate they are ambushed by more of Yuri's boomers. Priss holds them off while Adama opens an electronically locked door, and they escape the trap.

Meanwhile, The Voice contacts Yuri in his car, demanding to know where he's going. Yuri says he's figured out Adama's objective. Linna and Nene, still staking out the lab, see him leave and wonder what Priss could be doing.

Suddenly their phone rings. It's Priss, calling from the subway station. She tells him that she has found Adama, but is being chased by combat boomers. Nene tells her to stay put -- she and Linna will come get them.

Hanging up, Priss turns to tell Adama the good news, only to find him gone. He's purchased a ticket for Geo City, and is trying to get onto the subway platform, but the turnstiles have locked up on him because he's a boomer. Boomers can't ride the subway by themselves. He tells Priss that they should ride together then.

She grabs his arm to take him away when they are met by two men identifying themselves as AD Police. They want to know if Priss is the owner, and want to see her owner's card. Priss is distracted from this problem by the arrival of a new one. A woman walks up behind the officers and shoots them.

Priss, Adama in tow, jumps over the turnstiles and onto the subway platform. The woman, actually one of Yuri's boomers, gives chase. Priss and Adama dive into a waiting train, and the boomer fires at them through the train's windows as it pulls out of the station. Adama's reaction to the excitement? "I finally made it onto the subway." Of course Priss is not happy. The next time he pulls something like that, she threatens to cut his main switch.

Linna and Nene arrive at the station and report back to Sylia. They've found two dead police officers and no sign of Priss or Adama. Sylia decides it's best to watch the situation for now, but will prepare the hardsuits.

As the train ride continues, Priss tries to convince Adama that its safest for him if he goes to where Sylia is. Adama is adamant: Dr. Haynes is his owner. He must get to Geo City. Annoyed, Priss decides she should have let him be blown to pieces. Adama is confused by humans. Why should they want him in pieces?

The door to their compartment opens. It's the woman-boomer, resuming her target practice. As the two of them escape into the next compartment, Priss returns fire. Neither of them hit anything important, though, and both run out of ammunition. The woman finally corners Priss and Adama, and Adama takes matters into his own hands. He walks up to her, and she grabs him by the neck, other arm cocked back to drive her claws into him. Suddenly his eyes begin to flash and she freezes. Adama's display shows him accessing part of her brain.

She drops her arm and walks over to Priss, who ends up backed against a wall. Priss pulls her knife and accuses Adama of using his "boomer kinship" to save himself. He tells Priss that it's all right now. He accessed her AI and told her that they aren't her enemies. Sure enough, she smiles at the disbelieving Priss.

The train finally arrives at Geo City, and Adama and Priss get off, leaving their new 'friend,' waving "bye bye," behind. Priss admits she's upped her opinion of Adama, and he comments that that's the first time she's called him by name.

Priss makes contact with Sylia, reporting their location. Adama's driving her crazy because he wants to go beneath Geo City and "won't take no for an answer." Sylia thinks that perhaps Adama needs to access the supercomputer. Priss doesn't care. She just wants someone to come and save them. ("I don't want to commit lover's suicide with the likes of him!") Sylia agrees, and the three Knight Sabers suit up and fly toward Geo City in the KnightWing.

On the elevator, riding into the bowels of Geo City, Adama asks Priss why she hates boomers, to be told that no one like boomers. Adama tells her that that's prejudice, and Dr. Haynes didn't think like that. Priss doesn't seem to have heard him. "Countless friends have been killed by boomers. Boomers are puppets, their movements programmed into them." Adama points out that those are combat boomers, and he's different because he possesses Dr. Haynes special AI.

Priss admits that she knows that he's not like other boomers, but that doesn't mean that she like him. Adama is floored. "How perverse can a person get?"

The doors open on Sublevel 41, and the two get off, on their way to the supercomputer. While they argue over who saved who during the evening's events ("For a boomer, you sure do talk back a lot," Priss tells Adama), the pair doesn't realize that Yuri's boomers have gotten there first and are targeting them. Abruptly, Adama, having detected the targeting, shoves Priss away, taking the shot meant for her head on his shoulder, knocking him from the catwalk to the next level below.

While Priss tries to get to him while keeping from getting shot (taking out several of her assailants in the process), Adama is retrieved and carried off. Priss reaches the elevator bank just as the car arrives, stopping the boomer carrying Adama from boarding. She orders him to put Adama down and Adama to come to her, but neither happens.

Suddenly, the combat boomer does put Adama down and walks toward her. Two warning shots don't stop him, and then he's on her, throwing her into the wall and trying to cave her head in. She ducks out of the way and points her gun at him, only to have it kicked out of her hand. He grabs her by the neck, and she kicks him in the head, with no result. He pins her against the wall and deploys his claws to stab her. A sudden spray of steam from a steamline held by Adama causes him to drop Priss, and she runs for her gun. Firing simultaneously with the boomer's mouth cannon, he misses and she blows his head off.

Finally in the computer room, Adama jacks in. Dr. Haynes had used this particular supercomputer to design Adama, and this is the only place he can output his data: video recordings of Dr. Yuri murdering Dr. Haynes and his team. Adama had recorded the signal from the lab's security cameras.

Adama tells Priss that Dr. Haynes was killed because of him, but there was nothing he could do then. All he can do now, he thinks, is to keep the memories Dr. Haynes gave him safe. The Doctor taught him that boomers are not meant to be used for war or crime, and he wants to communicate that to other boomers.

Priss finally understands. She tells him that he's "one helluva boomer," and suggests that they go to Sylia's. If anyone can grant his desire, she can.

Before they can leave, though, the security doors in the room slam shut, trapping them. Yuri's voice comes over the loudspeakers. He orders Priss to turn Adama over, but she threatens to make the disk with Adama's recordings public. Yuri isn't concerned. They have to escape this place first.

One of the doors opens, letting the EM-302 into the room. Yuri tells them of his plan to transplant Adama's AI into his new combat boomer, making it invincible. Adama declines "to become so grotesque a creature." Yuri tells him he won't mind once his superfluous data is erased.

The crab-boomer strides after them, backing them up against the computer. Adama can't access its AI to stop it, and Priss's handgun is useless against its armor. As it raises one of its claws for a final strike, two laser beams blast through the sealed door and into its side, knocking it away. The hardsuited Linna and Nene charge into the room to take it on while Priss and Adama escape. They don't have much luck, though, and the EM-302 is soon chasing Priss and Adama up the elevator shaft.

Cornered yet again, on the roof this time, Priss boards the hovering KnightWing to get into her hardsuit. The EM-302 grabs Adama before he can get on board, and pulls him back. The boomer fires on the KnightWing, bringing a communications tower down instead. It collapses on top of Adama.

Meanwhile, the now-suited Priss, armed with modular claws herself, leaves the KnightWing to go against the crab-boomer. After a struggle, Priss and the 302 go over the side of the building and begin the long fall to the ground. Priss fires one of her claws to act as a grapple on the edge of the roof, and breaks her fall. Unfortunately, the 302 lands on a ledge not too far below, climbs up the side of the building, and grabs her.

Priss ejects free of the makeshift grapple, falls to the 302's level, and plants a laser sword into its braincase, knocking it free from the wall. While Priss hangs from a structural support, the EM-302 falls to the ground and explodes.

Sylia has not been idle. Arriving at Yuri's lab, where he has been monitoring the activities of the 302, she aims her palm cannon at Dr. Yuri and orders him to give himself up if he wishes to atone for his crimes. Turning his back on her, he puts his hands in the air and tells her not to shoot. Certain she can't see what he's doing, he grabs a gun from his shoulder holster. When Sylia lowers her palm cannon, he turns around, and shoots her. Bullets deflecting from her hardsuit armor, Sylia re-raises her palm cannon and fires once, blowing a hole through Yuri's chest and knocking him backward through his laboratory window.

Sylia is standing quietly in the lab, when the monitors begin flashing. It's the Voice, telling a stunned "Sylia" that he has acquired Adama's data. Yuri had hidden that data, intending to monopolize the profits. The Voice now has everything he needs for his project. Sylia, wondering who the Voice is, responds that she won't let him get away with this. He laughs, and offers to show her "our utopia, controlled only through terror and chaos." Is she capable of stopping it?

Back on the roof, Priss crouches over the badly damaged Adama, begging him to hang on. Adama asks about the disk, and Priss promises to turn it over to the AD Police. When he asks her name, she raises her faceplate and tells him. "Miss Priss, I beg you... Please don't let them put my AI in a Combat Boomer." Priss promises.

But Adama's battery is damaged, and he can no longer maintain his memory. He bids her goodbye. The last thing he hears, as all goes black, is Priss calling out his name.

The KnightWing flies home. In the cockpit, Sylia thinks over what the Voice told her. Her musing is interrupted by Priss, who tells her that she's starting to believe, a little, in Sylia's father's dream.

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                    Original Cast          English Cast
Sylia Stingray      Sakakibara Yoshiko     Jemila Ericson 
Priss Asagiri       Tachikawa Ryooko       Sinda Nichols 
Linna Yamazaki      Tomizawa Michie        Elizabeth Becka 
Nene Romanova       Hiramatsu Akiko        Susan Grillo 
Mystery Man (Voice) Sogabe Kazuyoshi       Pierre Brulator
Leon McNichol       Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz 
Daley Wong          Horiuchi Kenyuu        Marshall Carroll 
ADAMA               Takayama Minami        Loren Mash
Dr. Yuri            Umezu Hideyuki         Gray Sibley
Dr. Haynes          Nishimura Tomomichi    Sam Burke
Detective           Takagi Wataru          Grenaldo Frazier
Soldier             Ishimori Tatsuyuki     Basile
Street Kid          Miyuki Sanae           Noah Shane
Announcer                                  Patt Noday
with                Kikuchi Takako         Lou Criscuolo
                                           Michael Sinterniklaas
                                           Scott Simpson
                                           Sophie Tolar
                                           Amanda Tancredi
                                           Matthew Alexander

Music Credits

(Original Japanese songs reinterpreted into English by The Replicants)

Title Song: "Hateshinai Tabi -- Hajimari no Toki" (Unending Journey -- Time of Beginning)
Original Lyrics by Tachikawa Ryooko
Original Music by Nakazawa Takehito
Original Arrangement by Oota Michihiko
Original Performed by Tachikawa Ryooko
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Lyrics by Randy Drew, Jack Bowden, and Shin Kurokawa
English Version Performed by Cyndi Wheeler
Ending Song: "Saigo Ni..." (At the Last...)
Original Lyrics by Tachikawa Ryooko
Original Music by Nakazawa Takehito
Original Arrangement by Oota Michihiko
Original Performed by Tachikawa Ryooko
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Lyrics by Randy Drew, Jack Bowden, and Shin Kurokawa
English Version Performed by Cyndi Wheeler
Other Songs: "Fly Away"
Original Lyrics by Tachikawa Ryooko
Original Music by Ashizawa Kazunori
Original Arrangement by Oota Michihiko
Original Performed by Tachikawa Ryooko
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Lyrics by Randy Drew, Jack Bowden, and Shin Kurokawa
English Version Performed by Cyndi Wheeler

Crash Oddities: How come Priss, who was so close to the human-like 33-S boomers Anri and Sylvie (in Bubblegum Crisis 5 and 6), seems to have forgotten all about them and developed such a deep hatred of all boomers?

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