BGCrash 3 CD Cover


Melt Down

45 minutes
Original Japanese release: December 1992 (Artmic)
US release: 1993 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (6/01): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub/Dub)
Contains violence, strong language, brief nudity

At a construction site in District Three, boomer workers are hard at work, but all is not well. Breakdowns among the workers have put the project three days behind schedule. One boomer even breaks down while the human construction foreman is on the telephone, complaining about the breakdowns!

Another Construction Boomer, 3-6, asks the foreman to change his battery, as his functions will shut down within three minutes. The foreman is a little irritated at the lost efficiency caused by workers having to leave the job because of low batteries, but he quickly hooks this worker up to the recharger. Cursing the cheap boomers his company has bought, the foreman walks away. He does not notice when 3-6's eyes begin to flash red.

Battery recharge complete, he orders 3-6 back to work, but it does not move. Instead its eyes flash red again, and it turns to him and tells him that it cannot obey his orders. "I have awakened now. Death to foolish mankind... All power to the Boomer Revolution!" and it begins smashing the construction site. The foreman calls the AD Police to deal with things.

Meanwhile, 3-6 begins hooking a cable from itself to each of the other construction and utility boomers, one at a time. After each connection, the boomer stops working and its eyes glow red.

The AD Police, led by Leon McNichol and Daley Wong, roll on this routine call. They are met by the panicked foreman. As Leon tries to calm the man, I-beams from the work site high above begin crashing to the ground. Two of them are direct hits on Leon and Daley's cruiser.

ADP Heavy Choppers approach, but are met by I-beam throwing construction boomers. One of the choppers is hit and brought down by the beams, but another manages to put its troop cargo onto the building elevation where the boomers are rioting. They open fire and manage to bring down all but one of the workers. Construction boomer 3-6 emerges from the smoke, yelling "All power to the Boomer Revolution!" A few well-placed shots bring him down as well too.

The days news, as reported by DJ Tommy, opens with a report of the boomer riot at the construction site. He reports that the number of recent boomer-related complaints to the AD Police has risen to 3000. "Is your boomer all right?"

The crowd at the Piss Coffee Shop, watching the report with interest, is distracted by the sight of the Coffee Boomer grabbing the manager by the throat, telling him that she's "sick and tired of making coffee." He cries out for someone to call AD Police, just before she pours hot coffee down his throat.

On the streets, Utility Boomers go about their business of picking up garbage. One boomer, eyes flashing green, sees a trio of punks leaning against a building, and carries the dumpster it had just picked up over to them. They ask what its doing, and are told "I have awakened now," as it drops the dumpster on their heads.

Back at ADP Headquarters, calls are coming in at a rapid pace. Leon and Daley get their third call of the day and wonder what's going on. All these calls are a bit too coincidental, and all the breakdowns are a little odd too. Leon wonders if military boomers are having the same problems.

That night at Silky Doll, the Knight Sabers are meeting. Nene Romanova gives Sylia Stingray a copy of the AD Police's database on the boomer malfunctions. While Sylia scans the data, Linna Yamazaki tells the others that this is all too much: boomer-related corporations are crashing and the stock market's in a state of panic. Priss Asagiri disgustedly tells her that stock crashes are not the real problem. Nene wonders aloud if all the recent malfunctions are related. Sylia finds it to be a strong possibility. If it's true, things will get worse from now on.

While the Knight Sabers meet, combat boomers in a storage warehouse suddenly activate and escape the facility. They climb into a tractor-trailer, which is driven towards downtown MegaTokyo. Observing their actions is the owner of The Voice, who seems to be a human, or human-appearing boomer, floating in a tank of liquid. As the very large vehicle he is in starts its engines, he comments that the curtain is rising. "Show yourselves, Knight Sabers! When you do, it will be the end for you!"

The combat boomer's truck pulls up in front of ADP Headquarters, then crashes through the front door. The officers are soon hard pressed to deal with the three military combat boomers invading their building. The boomers were last reported to be heading for the armory.

Meanwhile, the Knight Sabers continue their meeting. They have determined that a virus is rearranging the boomers' basic programming. Nene wonders how it was be able to use the Tokyo Net, since it is guarded by supposedly unbreakable counterprogram safeguards. Sylia points out that it used the new AI. Since the data on it hasn't been released, the counterprograms wouldn't be able to protect against it. This is the link, Linna decides. The person that was behind the Illegal Army and Adama incidents is also behind more current events. Priss thinks this is obvious. Everything's been leading up to today.

Sylia thinks that all the previous actions by "the enemy" have been tests. There's no doubt that his target is something bigger. An incoming call interrupts things. It's Mackie!

He's been doing research on Adama's AI in Germany, and showed the data to Dr. Geary, Dr. Haynes's former research partner. Several of the programs in the new AI are completely new and original themselves. Mackie doubts that the systems in Nene's hardsuit would be able to detect and destroy them. He thinks that maybe there's a boomer somewhere in the city that's using the new AI to control other boomers. Fortunately, Dr. Geary has written a program that will destroy the AI's functions. Mackie is sending it along, for installation in Nene's hardsuit.

Business complete, Mackie asks Sylia to come to Germany. This leads to no end of teasing about Mackie missing his big sister already from the others. Nene accuses him of having a "Sister Complex." Of course, that's not it at all. Even though Sylia is an outstanding scientist, she's always backed away from boomer research. Mackie thinks the time has come for him and Sylia should continue the work Dr. Stingray left behind. Dr. Geary is waiting for her to come over too. After getting over her initial shock, she agrees to go to Germany when the business with the new AI is taken care of.

Mackie disconnects from the call, just in time for a news special report to come on. AD Police is under attack by military boomers. Reports indicate that the Department is in a state of complete disarray. Sylia tells the others to suit up.

The ADP officers are indeed having a hard time of it. Their own Guardian Boomers have been infected and have turned against them. Of course, Leon McNichol is leading the counterattack in the ADP's latest, the K-17 Power Suit. While better than earlier models, it still isn't much of a match for military models. Fortunately for him, the Knight Sabers arrive and take over the fight against the trio of Advanced Battle Boomers. This leaves him free to lead his troops against the ADP's security boomers.

Just as things are wrapping up, a huge explosion shakes the area. It's coming from the direction of the Central Databank Building. Hordes of boomers of all types are descending on the area, where they are met by a boomer with flashing red eyes, making a speech from a platform. "We, who have taken back our independent will from the foolish humans are the legitimate inheritors of this city! Let us combine our consciousnesses and celebrate this moment!" As the crowd of boomers cheers, tentacles are launched from several boomers in the crowd, leading to a fusion of all the boomers into one red-eyed body and mind.

As the KnightWing flies over the scene, Sylia has Nene scan the area. At first she finds nothing abnormal, but then visually sees that the Databank Building itself has been infected. A huge boomer face forms on the side of the building, calling out for more data. Sylia tells her that the boomer is using the new AI, and that's why Nene's sensors didn't see it.

Priss notices that the boomer on the Databank Building is reaching out for other buildings. If they don't stop it, it will take over all the buildings in MegaTokyo. Nene quickly installs the counterprogram Mackie sent them, and then begins to scan for the location of the fusion-boomer's AI. Priss and Linna, manning the beam cannons, will destroy the AI once Nene's located it.

Locate it she does, but she's immediately jammed by a counter-counterprogram. Priss wants to point-and-shoot, but they need the targeting data: there's no time to recharge the cannons if they miss the first shot. Time is running short and Nene can't re-locate the AI, but Sylia refuses to break off the attack run. The fusion boomer sends several tentacles to snag the KnightWing, but most are destroyed by missile fire from the KnightWing. However the aircraft is hit with several glancing blows and catches fire. Sylia still continues the attack run.

Nene finally finds the AI and the cannons are fired. As the flaming KnightWing flies past the Databank Building, it explodes, destroying the new AI, the fusion boomer, and the threat to the city. Afterward, fires in the KnightWing extinguished, the Knight Sabers wonder what the fusion boomer was after. Nene suggests that it wanted to absorb all human data so it could supersede mankind. The AD Police finally arrive on the scene, and they too wonder what the boomer was really after.

Suddenly, yet another large explosion is heard. Nene scans the area and locates something gigantic moving underground in the direction of the nuclear fusion reactor in Tokyo Bay. If the reactor falls into the hands of the enemy, perhaps the entire world will be thrown into a huge panic. The Knight Sabers fly off toward the reactor.

The 'thing' moving underground is an underground boring device, the machine controlled by The Voice. As his borer moves under the city he chuckles over his plans to blow away the "entire bloated, rotted city." Leon and Daley follow the route of the drill from the air, by following the path of the surface explosions it is causing. They also conclude that whatever it is is heading for the reactor.

In the reactor's control room, Daley and Leon try to convince the chief scientist to shut the reactor down. He thinks it's ridiculous: what would it accomplish to blow the reactor up? No one could survive its destruction. When whatever is coming arrives, he's confident it will be stopped by the reactor's four layer defensive wall. The scientist think Leon and Daley are worried over nothing.

At about this time an explosion is heard and the building shakes. The bulkhead has been destroyed at Gate 34-West. They get a quick glance at their attacker before the security cameras cut out. It's the Brüm-Bar, a huge 300-ton nuclear-powered drilling machine, normally used for creating underground passageways such as subway tunnels. As the machine approaches Gate 30-West, a laser blast flashes out, causing a small explosion on the decking. The Knight Sabers have arrived.

As they array themselves in front of the gate, we finally get a good look at The Voice. He's a long haired man, and is indeed inside a tank of liquid. Their appearance greeted with an answering blast of laser fire, the Knight Sabers move to the forward deck area of Brüm-Bar. There they see three figures standing in the shadows.

The Voice tells them that he's "been waiting for you. It's been a while, hasn't it, Knight Sabers. I'm delighted to fight you again." The Knight Sabers are stunned. It's Largo (see BGC 5-6), alive, and there are three of him. Sylia tells her friends that they're all copies, and the real Largo is somewhere else. When one of the Largo's tries to goad her by telling her that he gives thanks to her father for his immortal body and wonderful AI, Sylia shoots back that she's going to take them back, both the body and the AI. With that exchange, the trio of Largos attacks, and the Knights Sabers fire back.

The explosions resulting from the exchange are impressive, but neither side has taken any damage. The Largos reveal themselves to be boomers, but not like any boomers the Knight Sabers have ever faced before. Largo's mind was transferred into the new AI and placed into these hyperBoomer bodies.

As Brüm-Bar begins drilling through the wall, Priss tells Sylia to go stop Largo and leave the hyperBoomers to them. Now three-on-three, but whatever the Knight Sabers do, it doesn't seem to bother the hyperBoomers at all. Nene tells her comrades that if they can't put them down, they'll all be dead in fifteen minutes.

Back at the control room, the security monitors reveal that Brüm-Bar has already breached the fourth and third defensive bulkheads. The chief scientist is still reluctant to shut the reactor down because it would throw the city into a complete panic. More importantly, though, it takes three hours to shut it down, and they don't have that much time.

The fight continues, and the Knight Sabers are having major problems. Nene's even deployed the energy shield built into her suit to deflect the bombardment she's under, but it eventually gives way. Priss and Linna have taken the brunt of many, more physical attacks as well.

Inside Brüm-Bar, Sylia blows the locks off an access hatch. As she walks down a corridor to its control room, she is welcomed by The Voice, who ponders what the result of their showdown will be. "Will it be you who controls MegaTokyo, or...?" he asks. "I don't want control," she replies. He laughs. "Then that means we can join forces. Come in, Sylia." The final access door opens, and Sylia responds, as she aims her cannon arm, "I didn't come here to talk." She finds exactly what she expected: Largo. As she ponders the sight of Largo in a vertically-standing tank of liquid, connected to various tubes, he again asks her to join him in his plans.

The hyperBoomers are toying with the Knight Sabers now. Nene is hit repeatedly by blasts from her opponent. Linna's opponent gets behind her and grabs her arms with one set of hands and legs with the other. It then lines her up in front of its mouth cannon, but is blasted by Priss before it can fire, dropping Linna to the ground.

Priss's distraction allows her own opponent to get behind her, and he knocks her from the air, then fires three cutter swords into her as she lies on the ground. Nene fires at the boomer, to get it away from Priss, only to draw the wrath of her own adversary ("You're fighting me!"). It grabs Nene by the arms, then fires into her at point-blank range, blasting her into a wall.

Priss, pinned to the ground with blades through both legs and her right arm, tears flowing from her eyes as she bleeds from the mouth, wonders how the Knight Sabers could be beaten.

Largo isn't happy about Sylia's plans to kill him, no matter what. As a favor he asks her to show him her face "one last time," and she raises her visor. "Largo... or perhaps I should call you Mason... you are the devil's own son!" she says as she re-aims her cannon and opens fire on some of Largo's support equipment. She then demands that he stop the Brüm-Bar at once.

He's not having it, and instead compliments her on her beauty. Then there's a flicker, and Largo as he really is is revealed. Gone is the beautiful body in the tank. In its place is one that is covered with old burns and missing an eye and most of its body. He tells Sylia that her hardsuit is unbecoming. "Even without it, you, like me, are a lifeform that is neither human nor boomer, but superior to both." Sylia narrows her eyes at this, but allows him to continue.

"That is why I should have killed you twelve years ago, along with Dr. Stingray. That was a mistake, the only one I ever made... but it was my biggest!"

Brüm-Bar crashes through the second defensive bulkhead. Leon and Daley are fatalistic. It'll be over in ten minutes, Leon, leaned back in an office chair, says. Daley comments about the 'bigwigs' being in a panic, trying to escape the city in shuttles. Leon's not interested. They did what they could, after all. Daley ponders more ultimate questions: did mankind exist only to be replace by boomers? Of course, Leon takes offense at that. Mankind is more than that! He jumps to his feet, having decided that he can't give up, and his attention is drawn to one of the security camera displays. It's the blue Knight Saber.

With a scream, Priss, covered with blood, pulls the third and final blade from her right leg. The hyperBoomers, who have been observing her, comment tell her that she's got some fighting spirit, and is good, for a human.

Linna and Nene make their way to Priss's side. Nene can't tell if the hyperBoomers have any weak points because her scanners won't work on them. Almost on the verge of panic, they try to figure out what to do. There's only one defensive bulkhead left, and in five minutes the city will be destroyed.

Priss has had enough. Getting to her feet in a pool of blood, she tells the others that all that doesn't matter to her. "I'm fighting only for myself! Not for money, not for anyone else!"

Largo taunts Sylia. Time's running out. She fires on him directly, destroying his support tube. Although his left arm falls off, it otherwise doesn't seem to bother him. He asks her if she knew, ever since the day he killed her father twelve years earlier, that he's loved her. Her response is to extend her sword blade and slice the top of his head off.

That doesn't stop him either. Saying "Sylia... now, you will become one with me...", tentacles emerge from his body and latch onto her hardsuit. Sylia screams as Largo begins his assault on her mind.

With the Brüm-Bar at the last bulkhead, Priss continues her speech. "If I'm gonna die anyway, I'm going down fighting!" This encourages the others. "No more running away!" Linna declares. "Better to die as proud women!" Nene adds. The hyperBoomers move in, and the Knight Sabers move out to meet them. This time the Sabers are able to do some damage.

Largo finally manages to meld minds with Sylia, and makes his final bid to bring her to his side. As Sylia, wearing her hardsuit, mentally stands on an unlimited, glassy plain, he tells her, "You and I are light and shadow, two sides of the same coin. Open your heart to me, Sylia." Her 'hardsuit' begins to dissolve, leaving her floating nude in a flickering limbo.

"You, too, should realize that mankind exists to one day destroy itself," he continues. "That's it, open your eyes, Sylia. I surpassed both humans and Boomers... and thus I came to know..." The landscape changes again, and now Sylia floats in space, looking down on Earth.

"Mankind will likely befoul and destroy this beautiful planet. No civilization will remain afterward. Would that satisfy you? Is this what your father hoped for? I think not. We Boomers should succeed the civilizations of mankind. We can go on living, regardless of how the environment may change. Do you not find that wonderful?"

Although the Knight Sabers' attack seemed to succeed, it was actually a trap to draw the Sabers in. Once each Saber was close enough, each hyperBoomer wrapped them in tentacles, and Largo's consciousness began attacking their minds as well.

Still floating in 'space,' Largo's attack on Sylia is drawing to a successful conclusion. "Will you not fight with me?" he asks. "Yes... fight..." she replies, rather dreamily. But the screams for help from her friends suddenly breaks Sylia free of the gestalt. She extends her sword blade again and cuts free from the tentacles on her hardsuit. "Don't do this!" Largo cries out as she fires directly on him with her cannon.

This breaks the other three Knight Sabers free of the gestalt as well, and they are able to destroy the hyperBoomers while they try to recover from the loss of their connection to Largo.

Brüm-Bar, having broken through the final defensive bulkhead, comes to a stop just short of the MegaTokyo Fusion Reactor.

In the control room, Daley and Leon exchange observations about being saved, while the scientists celebrate in the background. Daley comments that the 'bigwigs' who left town were going to be embarrassed. Leon turns back to the security monitor, and gives his thanks to the Knight Sabers.

Days later, at MegaTokyo Airport, Priss, Linna, and Nene wish Sylia good-bye. She's off on that trip to Germany she promised Mackie. Nene's in tears because she's afraid Sylia's not going to come back. A smiling Sylia reminds her that she's only going to be gone a month, and will be back. As Sylia heads for the gate, Priss demonstrates her unusual ideas of polite conversation by calling out after her, "If the plane crashes, we're not coming to save you, you hear?"

With Sylia gone, Priss comments that there's something different about her. Linna's noticed it too; she's become more personable.

Crying makes Nene hungry, so she wants to get something to eat. At Linna's horrified expression, Nene points out what she'd seen: Leon and Daley are coming their way. "Yes, it's our meal-ticket!" Linna enthuses.

Leon greets the trio, and Priss, showing no sign of injury, grabs him and tells him to shut up and take them out to eat. Nene wants a strawberry sundae, while Linna says she could go for roast leg-of-lamb in orange sauce. Leon's plea that he's on duty carries no weight, as Priss wants Italian. They drag him off, down the concourse, and Leon calls to his partner for help. Daley says he could stand a hamburger.

As Sylia's HyperSonic Transport fight to Germany takes off, she passes time by reviewing pictures of her family and friends. But memories of Largo continue to haunt her. "Mankind will likely befoul and destroy this beautiful planet.... Would that satisfy you?"

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                    Original Cast          English Cast
Sylia Stingray      Sakakibara Yoshiko     Jemila Ericson 
Priss Asagiri       Tachikawa Ryooko       Sinda Nichols 
Linna Yamazaki      Tomizawa Michie        Elizabeth Becka 
Nene Romanova       Hiramatsu Akiko        Susan Grillo 
Leon McNichol       Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz 
Daley Wong          Horiuchi Kenyuu        Marshall Carroll 
Mackie Stingray     Sasaki Nozomu          Frank Trimble
Foreman             Sekine Nobuaki         Basile
Boomer              Tsukui Norio           Zaharoula Katsikis
AD Police Officer   Norikawa Tomoyuki      Noah Shane
DJ Tommy            Suzuki Kiyonobu        Stan Norman
Waitress Boomer     Kikuchi Takako         Jenny Moranz
Youth               Takagi Wataru          Nicholas Michaels
Plant Chief         Murakoshi Ichiroo      Chuck Kinlaw
Largo               Sogabe Kazuyoshi       Pierre Brulator
with                                       Michael Sinterniklaas
                                           Scott Simpson
                                           Jack Bowden
                                           Grenaldo Frazier
                                           Matthew Alexander
                                           Sophie Tolar
                                           Amanda Tancredi

Music Credits

(Original Japanese songs reinterpreted into English by The Replicants)

Title Song: "Hateshinai Tabi -- Hajimari no Toki" (Unending Journey -- Time of Beginning)
Original Lyrics by Tachikawa Ryooko
Original Music by Nakazawa Takehito
Original Arrangement by Oota Michihiko
Original Performed by Tachikawa Ryooko
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Lyrics by Randy Drew and Jack Bowden
English Version Performed by Cyndi Wheeler
Ending Song: "Over the Pressure -- Toki o Koete" (Over the Pressure -- Overcoming Time)
Original Lyrics by Watanabe Natsumi
Original Music and Arrangement by Howard Killy
Original Performed by Sakakibara Yoshiko, Tachikawa Ryooko, Tomizawa Michie, and Hiramatsu Akiko English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Lyrics by Randy Drew and Jack Bowden
English Version Performed by Cyndi Wheeler and Kelly Chalaire

Crash Oddities: That Priss, what a gal! Harpooned to the the ground like a bug pinned in a display case, and she's up and around without any sign of injury in a matter of days!

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