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These are synopses of the complete plot of the anime OAV series Bubblegum Crash, a sequel to Bubblegum Crisis. As such, they should definitely be considered spoilers. If you have not yet seen the episodes in question, and don't want the story given away, don't read them. Consider yourself warned. They have been summarized and distributed for personal use only with the permission of AnimEigo, Inc. Much gratitude is also due to AnimEigo for providing many of the images on these pages.


MegaTokyo. 2034 AD.
Another Story of Bubble Gum Crisis

"In the latter half of the Twentieth Century, rapid technological advancements finally succeeded in developing artificial substitutes for human beings. A synthesis of mechatronics, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, they freed people from all kinds of menial labor. People called these symbols of the era, "boomers, assemblers of prosperity."

-- Sylia Stingray


BGCrash 1: The Illegal Army -- An armored force commits a series of bank robberies that the AD Police seem unable to prevent. Meanwhile, are the Knight Sabers breaking up? Priss is getting her big singing break, Linna is making a fortune on the stock market, Nene is still with the AD Police, and Sylia has... vanished!

BGCrash 2: Geo Climbers -- Dr. Haynes, one of the team that created the Boomers, is murdered, and his latest creation, ADAMA, a prototype Boomer that uses the latest AI, is missing. The Knight Sabers attempt to recover ADAMA, and all is well when Priss finally tracks him down -- until the Hit-Boomers arrive!

BGCrash 3: Meltdown -- The mysterious "Voice" is recruiting a Boomer army, one that shares his desire for a new order with no place in it for humans. But the resulting commotion is just a screen for his real plans, and the Knight Sabers find themselves standing between an old foe and the certain vaporization of MegaTokyo.

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