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Revenge Road

40 minutes
Original Japanese release: July 1988 (Artmic/Youmex)
US release: 1991 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (6/01): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub); DVD (Sub/Dub)
Contains violence

It is the year 2033 and all is not well in MegaTokyo. A mysterious black car known as the "Griffon" is hunting down the rebellious bikers gangs, known as "Outriders". The Tokyo Highway Patrol is not having much luck in stopping the Griffon alone, and as there have been no fatalities, the case is not a top priority with the AD Police.

On the way to a Knight Sabers training session, Priss stops by Raven's Garage to refuel her new motorcycle. Dr. Raven is a consultant to the Knight Sabers, and has helped in the development of their equipment. She finds Mackie there, working on the "Highway Star", a new type of bike. When she asks to ride it, Mackie says the bike was built for fun and wasn't meant to be ridden. Priss insists, and Mackie quickly gives in.

Mackie faints After Priss wrecks the Highway Star, she takes an interest in a photo on the Doctor's desk -- Dr. Raven, another man, and a young woman. She asks Dr. Raven who the couple in the photo are but he ignores her question, and soon she is on her way.

As part of their training, the Knight Sabers split into two teams and play "war games" armed with paint guns. The current battle involves Priss and Linna assaulting a building defended by Sylia and Nene. As Linna and Priss make their way into the building, they surprise Nene, shoot her, and move in on Sylia. Sylia has a few surprises in store for the attackers, though. Priss and Linna lose -- again -- when Linna steps on a "landmine".

At dinner that evening (the losers paying the bill), the ladies discuss a discouraging turn of events -- there hasn't been much business lately for the Knight Sabers! Linna comments that no work means no new clothes and no new car. Sylia points out that it just gives her more time to spend with her boyfriend, but Linna replies that he's old news. It seems that Linna dumped him because he was a dreamer. Nene finds this outrageous, accuses Linna of being wasteful with her boyfriends, and goes on to tell them all of her own dreams of a passionate romance -- soon! The others find this very amusing, and Nene accuses them of picking on her.

In another part of the city, the man in Dr. Raven's photo tinkers with the mysterious Griffon. Work finished, he takes it onto the highways to run down more Outriders. The chase soon catches up with a lone female motorcyclist.

One her way home after dinner, Priss is in a bad mood. She had to pay half of the dinner bill, and was already broke before that. The sight of the Griffon attacking the Outriders does nothing to improve her attitude, and she quickly gives chase. The Griffon, having already decimated the Outriders, easily outdistances her. She pushes harder to keep up, but the engine blows and she is thrown and run over by her bike.

The next day, Linna takes Priss to the hospital to get her injuries treated. During their walk to the treatment area, Linna stops short to admire a man who is pushing a young woman in a wheelchair. As a group of noisy bikers roar by outside, the woman starts screaming.

Linna chauffeurs Priss Later, at AD Police Headquarters, Nene and Priss search through the ADP computer records, trying to trace the registration of the Griffon. Priss is using the ADP computer, though Sylia's personal system has more power, because she doesn't think Sylia would be too thrilled to let her use hers. Nene isn't too thrilled to have Priss using the ADP system either, but Priss buys her off.

They eventually trace the Griffon back to a man named J.B. Gibson. Six months earlier Gibson was attacked by Outriders, and his car crashed into the highway guardrail. He was badly injured, and his passenger, Naomi Anderson, was traumatized by the incident.

Gibson, the man in the photo, pays a visit to Raven's Garage. He asks the Doctor to help make a mind-control system work in the Griffon. This system would allow him to control the Griffon entirely by thought. Dr. Raven tells him that he should let go of the past and take care of Naomi. Gibson tells him to leave Naomi out of it, and leaves.

Later, Gibson puts final touches on the mind-control system. Unknown to him, however, his hatred of the Outriders has altered the system's programming. As he leaves the garage, he sees the police approaching, and quickly returns to his apartment and Naomi.

Meanwhile, Priss and Linna arrive at Raven's Garage to check on Priss's bike. Priss realizes that the couple in the photo are the same couple from the hospital. They tell the Doctor what happened there, and he realizes why Gibson has been making so many modifications to the Griffon. The phone rings -- it's Gibson. Raven tries to talk him out of his plans, but it's too late. The police have surrounded Gibson's building.

Dr. Raven tells Priss he wants to hire the Knight Sabers to stop Gibson. He is surprised when he realizes that Priss has already made the connection between Gibson and the Griffon. To get her to agree to take the job, Priss tells Sylia that Dr. Raven will upgrade their motoroids for free. When he loudly objects, to Sylia's amusement Priss yells back that it's not anything he shouldn't be doing anyway. Sylia agrees to the job, saying that they can't turn down a request from Dr. Raven after all.

Gibson carries Naomi to the Griffon. They break through the police cordon around his building, and begin leading the THP and ADP on another wild chase through the city.

As the police chase the Griffon, Mackie unveils the newly repaired Highway Star. Priss explains to Linna and Sylia that it's the only thing the Knight Sabers have that can catch the Griffon. As the three Knight Sabers suit-up, Nene, monitoring the chase from ADP HQ, informs Sylia that the ADP have set up a roadblock, and are trying to drive the Griffon into it. Sylia acknowledges the information, and the Knight Sabers go off on their assignments.

In the Griffon, Naomi suddenly wakes from her shock and begs Gibson to stop the car. Overjoyed, he tries, but the control helmet explodes, and the car takes on a life of its own -- with Naomi and Gibson trapped inside.

The Griffon outdistances the police chase vehicles and choppers, but Priss manages to catch up by using the Highway Star's boosters. She jumps from the bike to the car (wrecking the Highway Star once again), tears open the roof, and climbs in.

Though she's standing on the brakes, Priss realizes she won't be able to stop the car before it reaches the massive scrap iron roadblock. Priss climbs back out of the car, and holds Naomi and the still unconscious Gibson on the roof. Sylia and Linna, having taken a short-cut through the subway system, come up behind them. Sylia gives the word, and Priss jumps off the Griffon with Naomi and Gibson in her arms. Sylia and Linna catch all three and take them to safety off the road.

The Griffon reaches the roadblock, and is finally destroyed when Leon McNichol launches a grenade into the engine. Daley Wong remarks that the Griffon's energy seemed to have come from human hatred.

The next day, Linna and Nene join Mackie and Sylia at their pool. Linna tells Nene that nothing really happened to Gibson and Naomi, they were just arrested. Sylia says it's difficult to predict what will happen to them because the police can't prosecute the Outriders. Linna asks where Priss is, and Mackie replies that she's doing him a favor.

Meanwhile, in Raven's Garage, Priss tries to rebuild the Highway Star...

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                     Original Cast          English Cast
Sylia Stingray       Sakakibara Yoshiko     Jemila Ericson 
Priss Asagiri        Oomori Kinuko          Sinda Nichols 
Linna Yamazaki       Tomizawa Michie        Elizabeth Becka 
Nene Romanova        Hiramatsu Akiko        Susan Grillo 
Leon McNichol        Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz 
Daley Wong           Horiuchi Kenyuu        Marshall Carroll
Mackie Stingray      Sasaki Nozomu          Frank Trimble 
Dr. Raven            Ogata Kenichi          Michael Titterton
J.B. Gibson          Shiozawa Kaneto        Zack Hanner
Naomi Anderson       Shoo Mayumi            Mindi Lyons
Outrider             Kobayashi Michitaka    Patt Noday
with                                        Jack Bowden
                                            Marc Garber
                                            David Kraus
                                            Marc Matney
                                            Michael Sinterniklaas

Music Credits

(Original Japanese songs reinterpreted into English by The Replicants)

Title Song: "Crisis - Ikari o Komete Hashire" (Crisis - Run with Anger)
Lyrics by SHOW
Music and Arrangement by Makaino Kouji
Performed by Tsubokura Yuiko
English Lyrics by Randy Drew and Jack Bowden
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Harmonies by Preview
English Version Performed by Hadley Eure
Ending Song: "Twilight"
Lyrics by SHOW, music by Tsubokura Yuiko
Arranged by Makaino Kouji
Performed by Tsubokura Yuiko
English Lyrics by Randy Drew and Jack Bowden
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Harmonies by Preview
English Version Performed by Annabelle Clifton
Other Songs: "Akuma to Tenshi no Kiss" (Devil and Angel's Kiss)
Lyrics by SHOW
Music and Arrangement by Makaino Kouji
Performed by The Knight Sabers
English Lyrics by Randy Drew and Jack Bowden
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Version Performed by The Night Sabers

BGCrisis 4 Trivia: This OAV is one of only two OAVs in Bubblegum Crisis that is a stand-alone story. The other is BGC 8.

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