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Red Eyes

45 minutes
Original Japanese release: August 1989 (Artmic/Youmex)
US release: 1992 (AnimEigo)
Available formats (6/01): Tape (Sub/Dub); LD (Sub); DVD (Sub/Dub)
Contains violence, strong language

Have the Knight Sabers gone bad? An attack on a Genom warehouse certainly makes it look that way. But the voice emanating from "Nene's" hardsuit is that of Anri, the sole surviving 33-S Boomer (BGC 5). And if that weren't unusual enough, she is reporting the raid's success to Largo of the GPCC (Genom Corporate Research Center). He tells her this is all to secure their passport to their new world. But before they can create their new world, they must destroy "those bitches who confront me at every turn... the Knight Sabers!"

Leon McNichol isn't sleeping well. He dreams of his lopsided defeat by the "DD" Airborne Battlemover (BGC 5), of the Knight Sabers saving MegaTokyo from nuclear destruction... and of Priss's face sitting atop a Knight Saber hardsuit. A call from Daley Wong brings him back from that nightmare, only to plunge him into another one: the Knight Sabers are on a rampage.

Meanwhile, Genom's Executive Board is bickering amongst themselves about why the Knight Sabers stole a container of combat Boomers from the warehouse. Chairman Quincy calls, demanding to know what progress the Board has made. He is told that because the Knight Sabers have interfered with a secret internal project that Genom is advancing through Defense Minister Callahan, they believe that someone with access to classified company documents may be involved. Though there is no proof of this, Quincy assigns Kate Madigan the task of finding and plugging leaks in the company.

Daley and Leon take to the ADP target range and discuss the recent activities of the Knight Sabers. Daley wonders what was in the stolen containers, and Leon replies that the only thing certain is that it was nothing good. Daley reminds him that the Knight Sabers work for money, when all is said and done, implying that their motives can't be trusted. They hear someone else on the range and investigate. It's Nene: tears streaming down her face as she takes out her frustrations on the firing line.

Recent events have not escaped the notice of the other Knight Sabers either. A challenge from the impostors, disguised as advance billing of their next attack, makes Nene in particular see red. This makes them look incredibly evil! Linna calmly replies that as far as everyone's concerned, they are evil. Nene argues that they should accept this challenge, but Sylia, ever cautious, isn't sure that's a good idea. It appears that someone who knows a lot about the Knight Sabers is responsible.

Nene appeals to Priss for help in persuading Sylia to attack. Priss, however, brings the discussion to a halt with her announcement that she's quitting the Knight Sabers. After Priss leaves, Sylia tells the surprised group that Priss is still in shock over Sylvie's death (BGC 5). Linna reminds Sylia that with Priss, the Knight Sabers were at a disadvantage, but without her it's not even a fight. Sylia, in turn, reminds Linna that they do have contingency plans, and things will just take a little longer.

Millie Jackson, aka Anri Anri, Largo's spy in Genom, gives him information on the activities of Defense Minister Callahan. Largo is contacted by the "Sylia" impostor, and is informed that the challenge has been given as directed. Largo reminds him to be sure to destroy the real Knight Sabers. Anri asks if they can finally avenge Sylvie, and is overjoyed when Largo tells her yes, and that she will soon be truly free.

That night, the AD Police wait nervously for the Knight Sabers to arrive at Tinsel City Bank. Rooftop spotters and a patrol helicopter are immediately destroyed as the impostors arrive. Leon calls for a K-12S armored suit -- he's going to take care of things himself.

While, the "Knight Sabers" wait on the Bank's roof for the real Knight Sabers to answer their challenge, Sylia pays a personal call on Priss, who has packed her belongings and is preparing to leave town. Sylia tries to convince her that Sylvie's death wasn't her fault, but Priss maintains that it was. She says that she just wasn't strong enough, and she can't go on like this anymore. Nene interrupts with an emergency call to Sylia: the impostors have shown up on schedule and the ADP is fighting them. Sylia tells her to contact Linna and get ready to move out. With a last word of encouragement ("I have faith in you, Priss"), Sylia, alone, leaves for the battle.

Things are going badly as usual for the ADP. "Priss" has Leon in her sights when the real Knight Sabers show up, settling the question of which side they're on conclusively. The three impostors reveal themselves to be Boomers, and the battle begins. As Leon settles back to watch, Daley interrupts to tell him that someone has kidnapped Defense Minister Callahan. Grudgingly, Leon leaves the Knight Sabers to take care of things while he pursues Callahan's abductors.

Largo and Anri, Callahan's kidnappers, are en route to Genom Tower so that Largo may give Quincy his demands for Callahan's return in person. As fate would have it, Priss, on her way out of town, sees Anri driving the getaway car. Wondering what she is still doing in town and who the man with her is, Priss decides to follow.

No sooner does Madigan discover that Anri is the spy in Genom, than the Boomer pursuing Callahan calls to say that he's caught up with the kidnappers. Madigan orders him to destroy their car, but a particle beam blast from the orbital satellite weapons system dispels that plan, surprising both Madigan and the pursuing Leon. Largo uses the remains of the pursuit Boomer to tell Madigan that he is bringing Callahan to the Tower, and that she is to tell Quincy that he wants the OMS (OverMind control System) in exchange.

Leon arrives, and, in typical fashion, tries to arrest Largo. When Largo recognizes him, Leon is surprised but has little opportunity for reflection; first because Largo is choking him to death, and second, because Priss's timely arrival (and exceptional marksmanship) prevents just that. Her arrival also prompts Anri to remember the night Priss told her of Sylvie's death. Another bolt from the blue, now clearly directed by Largo, renders the entire issue of Priss's arrival academic.

As Largo and Anri speed away, Priss picks herself off of the pavement and checks on Leon. He asks what she's doing there, and she sidesteps the question by asking who that guy was. Leon surprises Priss by warning her that Largo isn't like her other foes (he knows she's a Knight Saber), and she should let the ADP take care of things. He doesn't want her to get hurt (he really does care for her). Before she can respond, an ADP chopper arrives. As she gets on her bike, Leon asks if she's OK. Priss flippantly tells him that she won't get into bed with him, and roars off into the night.

Madigan briefs Quincy on Largo's demands. Quincy says giving Largo the OMS is out of the question because it would result in him replacing Genom as ruler of the world. He agrees to meet with Largo, if only to see the guy capable of engineering something like this.

Back at Tinsel City Bank, the Knight Sabers are literally on the brink of disaster. Seriously outclassed by Largo's Boomers, Sylia is about to sacrifice herself to give Nene and Linna time to escape when Mackie arrives in a jet-chopper and takes them from the roof. Once they are safely away, he tells them that there's bigger trouble -- Priss's hardsuit and motoroid are missing.

Largo orders his Boomers to come to Genom Tower for a big show he's putting on. As Anri pulls the car up to the main entrance, Callahan runs to the waiting Madigan. He apologizes for being captured and tells her that he didn't divulge any secrets. Madigan shoots him, ensuring he will never be able to do so in the future.

Largo and Quincy finally meet face-to-face. Quincy asks why Largo wants the OMS, and Largo replies that Cyberdroids have the potential to be a new species, and it is only right that he have the OMS. Quincy tries to buy Largo off, but Largo demonstrates his power: he commands the orbital weapons satellites to destroy Genom Towers around the world.

Quincy doesn't believe what he sees. Largo has a direct link with the weapons satellites? USSD was supposed to have stopped production of Boomers that could control the satellite weapons after the Aqua City incident (BGC 1). Largo asks him if he'd like another demonstration, then destroys the Genom Research Center in MegaTokyo. Things finally fall into place for Quincy: Largo is a SuperBoomer. Largo announces that he is the maker of the new world, and Quincy is to hand it over -- now.

Enraged, Madigan orders the bodyguard Boomers to kill Largo, but he wipes them out instead. When Quincy still refuses to turn over the OMS, Largo realizes that something isn't right, and kills him. As Quincy falls to the floor, a monitor bank comes to life, revealing the REAL Quincy. Quincy tells Largo that he will never turn over the OMS. Largo blasts the monitors, then tells Anri that they're leaving.

Before they can take a step, Priss arrives. She tells Anri that she's come to rescue her from Largo. Largo introduces the Knight Saber to Anri as Sylvie's killer. Priss tells Largo that she doesn't know what lies he's been telling Anri, but she won't let him drag her any further into this.

A confused Anri asks if it is Priss in the hardsuit. She can't believe Priss is a Knight Saber, and that she killed Sylvie. Largo gestures, and Priss is thrown into a wall, breaking the faceplate of her helmet, and revealing to Anri that it is indeed Priss. Goaded on by Largo, who hands her a knife and tells her that now is the time to kill Sylvie's killer, Anri stabs Priss.

As Anri whispers to Sylvie that she is finally avenged, she feels tears falling on her cheeks. Priss, crying, tries to explain why she had to kill Sylvie, saying there just wasn't anything else she could do. Priss puts her arms around Anri and hugs her close, incidentally pushing the knife Anri still holds deeper.

Largo mockingly asks Priss if she's trying to apologize. He says he is amazed that Priss could shoot the 33-S, Sylvie. If things had continued on, out of control, it would have been amusing. As Anri turns to stare at Largo, dropping the knife, the bleeding Priss falls to her knees. Largo continues, saying that since he took control of the GPCC, the HyperBoomer was developed ahead of schedule. Sylvie was just a tool to be used. Priss is enraged by this, but Largo continues to taunt her: she can't do anything about it now.

Largo tells Anri to step aside -- she too has fulfilled her purpose. He gestures again, blasting at Priss, who, still kneeling, watches her death approach. At the last moment, Anri steps in front of her, intercepting the blast. She collapses into the stunned Priss's arms. Dying, Anri tells Priss that she and Largo just wanted to make a world for their own kind, she but didn't want to kill anyone to do it. Sylvie felt the same way. She asks Priss to live -- for her and Sylvie. As she dies, Priss screams "You little idiot! If you die, what will Sylvie have died for?"

Largo, amusedly watching the scene, asks if the machine has ceased functioning yet. Priss, out of control now, fires her needle gun at him. He catches the spike in mid-air, asks if this is all her anger amounts to, and flips it back at her, spearing her through the right shoulder and pinning her to the wall. He then blasts her through the wall, and she lands on a roof of the next level.

Priss will fight Priss pulls the needle from her shoulder and flings it away. As Largo reveals his true nature to her, she vows not to be beaten in this fight. Priss sees movement in the shadows, then the head of her Motoroid approaching, and begins to smile. The smile quickly dies when she realizes that the head is all that remains of her Motoroid, and that it is being carried by a Boomer. When Largo's other two Boomers arrive, surrounding Priss, he orders them to kill her. They quickly shred her hardsuit and give her a thorough beating.

Priss is flat on her back and barely able to move, surrounded by Largo and his minions, when the cavalry arrives in the form of the enhanced Typhoon II Motoroid. Largo orders his Boomers to destroy the new arrival, but the Typhoon destroys one of the Boomers and lays down suppressing fire as Priss runs toward it. The Motoroid opens, revealing another hardsuit inside. Priss triggers the explosive bolts in her demolished hardsuit, jettisoning its remains, and climbs into the replacement hardsuit. Re-armed, re-armored, and nearly berserk with rage, she destroys Largo's two remaining Boomers.

Largo fires another blast at Priss, which she barely dodges. Even so, the near miss cracks part of her hardsuit. As the combatants set themselves for the next attack, Priss silently vows not to run away again, and asks Anri and Sylvie to give her strength. The battle begins anew, with each charging the other. Their fists meet -- Priss's right to Largo's left.

When the ensuing explosion clears, Largo is missing his left arm. Priss begins to collapse, but suddenly finds herself being held up by a friendly arm -- the Knight Sabers have arrived. Largo, holding the stump of his arm, announces that they will pay for injuring him with their lives. He directs a particle beam from the weapons satellite at them. But Linna and Nene fire the Knight Saber's laser weapon into the satellite, destroying it and knocking the particle beam off target. The beam hits Largo instead.

Standing amidst the flames, Largo surprises Sylia by calling to her by name. He says he knows everything about her because they are two of a kind. While Sylia, still holding Priss up, stares at him, he prepares to blast her and Priss with his mouth-cannon. Largo is finally stopped by a bullet through the head, fired by Leon from the roof of a nearby building. He falls from the roof toward the street below.

As the Knight Sabers watch the sun rise, Nene wonders if Largo is really dead. Linna is convinced that he is. After all, no one could survive a fall like that. Priss thinks about Anri and Sylvie.

As she boards the Knight Saber's chopper, Sylia thinks to herself, "Frail humans need not fear anything more... Brian J. Mason."

Cast List

(Japanese names in Japanese order, family name first)

                     Original Cast          English Cast
Sylia Stingray       Sakakibara Yoshiko     Jemila Ericson 
Priss Asagiri        Oomori Kinuko          Sinda Nichols 
Linna Yamazaki       Tomizawa Michie        Elizabeth Becka 
Nene Romanova        Hiramatsu Akiko        Susan Grillo 
Leon McNichol        Furukawa Toshio        Brad Moranz 
Daley Wong           Horiuchi Kenyuu        Marshall Carroll
Quincy               Kawakubo Kiyoshi       David Arnold
Largo                Sogabe Kazuyoshi       Pierre Brulatour
Mackie Stingray      Sasaki Nozomu          Frank Trimble 
Anri                 Mizutani Yuuko         Katherine Kopec Burton
Kate Madigan         Takano Urara           Emily Young
Callahan             Ootaki Shinya          Steve Vernon
Executive A          Sawaki Ikuya           Sean Clay
Executive B          Shioya Koozoo          Nicholas Botton
Boomer               Kobayashi Michitaka    Zach Hanner
with                                        Jack Bowden
                                            Chuck Kinlaw
                                            Scott Simpson
                                            Michael Sinterniklaas

Music Credits

(Original Japanese songs reinterpreted into English by The Replicants)

Ending Song: "Rock Me"
Original Lyrics by SHOW
Music and Original Arrangement by Makaino Kouji
Original Performed by Tsubokura Yuiko
English Lyrics by Randy Drew, Jack Bowden, and Shin Kurokawa
English Vocal Arrangements by Jack Bowden
English Version Performed by Annabelle Clifton

BGCrisis 6 Trivia: This OAV can be considered part 2 of a two part sequence (with BGC 5), featuring The Knight Sabers vs. Largo.

Due to ongoing contractual difficulties during the original production with Oomori Kinuko (Priss), it was originally planned that Priss die in spectacular fashion at the end of this episode. However, shortly before production began, it became clear that Priss was just so popular that she couldn't be killed off. She was saved by this last minute change of heart.

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