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These are synopses of the complete plot of the anime OAV series Bubblegum Crisis. As such, they should definitely be considered spoilers. If you have not yet seen the episodes in question, and don't want the story given away, don't read them. Consider yourself warned. They have been summarized and distributed for personal use only with the permission of AnimEigo, Inc.

Much gratitude is due to AnimEigo for granting permission to publish these synopses on the web. AnimEigo also provided images for many of the pages. I'd also like to thank Brian Edmonds for originally formatting these pages for the web, and for hosting them on his server while my provider wasn't capable of hosting pages. His excellent Bubblegum Crisis page is well worth visiting.


From AnimEigo's liner notes:

Even from the viewpoint of world history, there are few cities as prone to disaster as Tokyo. The city was completely destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and the carpet-bombing of Tokyo at the end of World War II, as its name suggests, reduced the city to a smoking pile of rubble. But each time, Tokyo rose again from the ashes.

And it is MegaTokyo of the future which is the setting for this story. The time is the year 2032. Tokyo is the world's most overcrowded city - the heart of industry, culture, information, and conflict.

The Second Great Kanto Earthquake, only seven years before, dealt the city a devastating blow. Presently, the capital is a city of confusion, in the midst of recovering from the ruins, physical and political, which were the result of the colossal earthquake. Cars running on gasohol and batteries crowd the streets, and a scar of the earthquake remains: a huge fault running through Tokyo, 50 meters wide at its widest point, separating the city into East and West. A gigantic tidal power plant has been established, and the world's first solar power plants have been founded, supplying this megalopolis with the electricity it consumes. Even now, clumps of office buildings, with rooftop-mounted independent photovoltaic collectors, await the sun's first rays, and the start of another day in MegaTokyo.

And youth... for youth there has been no change, even now, in Tokyo's standing as "the city of great possibilities."
There is Priss Asagiri, a rock singer who belts out songs on a stage where light and sound mix and mingle. There is Sylia Stingray, and her little brother Mackie, who, having inherited their father's bequest, own a fashion building.
There is Linna Yamazaki, an aerobics instructor. And there is Nene Romanova, a member of the AD Police.

But these women all have another identity...

The Knight Sabers


BGC 1: Tinsel City BGC 2: Born to Kill
BGC 3: Blow Up BGC 4: Revenge Road
BGC 5: Moonlight Rambler BGC 6: Red Eyes
BGC 7: Double Vision BGC 8: Scoop Chase

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