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The year is 2032. The place is MegaTokyo, Japan.
These are stories of the Knight Sabers, heroines of the Bubblegum Crisis.

Dear Mom -- A new person in town tells her mother all about the trials and tribulations of opening a new business in Tokyo. And then she starts to notice all the odd things happening around the fashion building across the street.
Into the Shadows -- An exploration of the early days of the Knight Sabers, beginning with Sylia Stingray's fateful decision in 2030. Co-written with Andy Skuse
Spin Cycle -- The power's out, and so's Linna Yamazaki - of clean clothes, that is. Not a total disaster, she'd done without plenty of times before, but a girl does have standards after all.
Sylia's Night Out -- Sylia Stingray, leader of the Knight Sabers, is someone no one bothers without good reason. The late night call she receives while preparing for bed surely must be important. But will she answer the phone? A Bubblegum Crisis Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story.
10 Questions -- A little girl's discovery of an old magazine interview leads to some painful memories for her great-grandmother.
True Love -- Priss Asagiri is finally getting a big break in her singing career. But someone would prefer to keep her for himself.
We Just Want to Help You -- A young engineer finds herself mysteriously transported from 1995 USA to 2035 Tokyo, Japan. What else can she do but find Sylia Stingray and join the Knight Sabers?
I was the guest columnist for the April 2001 edition of the Anime Web Turnpike's Last Exit Before Toll column, where I ranted about broken links and reviewed Silent Möbius websites.


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