by Pervert
(of Nikholas F. Toledo Zu)

A quiet day in Misato Katsuragi's apartment. The day after Shinji passed Asuka's synch ratio.

Needless to say, Asuka was annoyed. Worse...

Asuka was curious. So...

"How the hell did you do it, Shinji?" complained Asuka to Shinji, who was watching TV at the time.

"Do what?"

"Pilot EVAs so well. It's like that guy... whatshisface... said, 'It's like you were born to pilot EVA.'"


Asuka was surprised by that. She didn't expect him to know either. "What?!"

"Guess. Come on, we're both bored." Shinji smiled.

"You're a robot, so you can harmonize more with the EVA?"


"You've actually achieved a state of inner peace and will soon go away to spread a new religion of hope and tolerance?"

"Not that, either."

"Brown hair mixes better with the neural interface?"

"Try again."

"You've just been pretending that you've only piloted EVA for less than a year. You've actually been training since you could walk."

"Nope. And I'm pretty glad 'tousan didn't do that."

"You're mother's soul was sucked into EVA-01 in a nightmarish error made by your father and, now that you pilot EVA-01, her soul guides you and helps you?"

"No. And that idea was just a LITTLE far-fetched don't you think?"

"I suppose... I give up! Just tell me, already!"

"Come on... just one more guess," pleaded Shinji.

"You're Ta'averen?"

"What have you been reading? And the answer is no."

That was it. Asuka finally couldn't take it anymore. "SO WHY ARE YOU SO DAMNED GOOD WITH THAT STUPID EVA UNIT!!!"

"My grandfather was a self-insert fanfiction character."


Then Asuka asked: "Father's side or mother's side?"

"Father's side. That's why 'tousan seems to know everything."

"And why he's such an SOB most of the time, I suppose."


And that was that.

Author's stuffies:
I really need to get out more. Insert disclaimer here. This is, of course, an alternate reality EVA fic. Please C&C. That's about it. Thanks.

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42, 11 June 1998