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Anime Fan Fiction

At this time, all of these stories are based on anime.

Warning! Content may be offensive to some readers

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Bubblegum Crisis....

Christmas -- Nene Romanova finally breaks into Genom Chairman Quincy's private files, and learns more than she expected... and a few things she'd rather not know. A Bubblegum Crisis story, by Marco De la Cruz

Dance of Armor -- A friend Linna Yamazaki thought long dead returns to MegaTokyo with information that could destroy Genom. Will the Knight Sabers help him in his task, or will Linna be forced to make a decision that could cost her more than her life? A three part sequel to the Bubblegum Crisis story Yearnings, by Innpchan

Dear Mom -- A new person in town tells her mother all about the trials and tribulations of opening a new business in Tokyo. And then she starts to notice all the odd things happening around the fashion building across the street. A different kind of Bubblegum Crisis story, by Jeanne Hedge

Into the Shadows -- An exploration of the early days of the Knight Sabers, beginning in 2030. A Bubblegum Crisis story by Jeanne Hedge and Andy Skuse

Midnight Hour -- Linna Yamazaki, Knight Saber. The "experienced" one - a new boyfriend every week. What is she up to when the midnight hour arrives? A Bubblegum Crisis story by Neil A. Sinclair (Robyn, Duke of Amber)

The Name -- Nene Romanova begins to hear things, whispering voices when no one else is around. What if she breaks down and does what those voices want? A Bubblegum Crisis story by Jusenkyo Guide

Retribution -- What is behind Nene Romanova's sudden increase in combat effectiveness? More importantly, will Priss Asagiri live to regret it? A Bubblegum Crisis story by Marco De la Cruz

Secrets -- The Knight Sabers, concerned that their cover may have been blown, take an unusual assignment when Nene Romanova is contacted by a mysterious individual wanting to hire them. A Bubblegum Crisis story, by Marco De la Cruz

Spin Cycle -- The power's out, and so's Linna Yamazaki - of clean clothes, that is. Not a total disaster, she'd done without plenty of times before, but a girl does have standards after all. A Bubblegum Crisis story by Jeanne Hedge

Subject: Christmas -- It seemed like yesterday since all hell had broken loose. How quickly a year passes by... A sequel to the Bubblegum Crisis story Christmas, by Marco De la Cruz

Sylia's Night Out -- Sylia Stingray, leader of the Knight Sabers, is someone no one bothers without good reason. The late night call she receives while preparing for bed surely must be important. But will she answer the phone? A Bubblegum Crisis Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story by Jeanne Hedge

10 Questions -- A little girl's discovery of an old magazine interview leads to some painful memories for her great-grandmother, including those of the ultimate fate of the Knight Sabers. Another story of Bubblegum Crisis, by Jeanne Hedge

Warning! True Love -- Priss Asagiri is finally getting her big break. But someone would prefer to keep her for himself. A Bubblegum Crisis story in three parts, by Jeanne Hedge

The Visit -- A sunset visit to a cemetary by a bereaved lover. Who is the bereaved and who is the deceased? A Bubblegum Crisis story by David Lindquist

We Just Want to Help You -- A young engineer finds herself mysteriously transported from 1995 USA to 2035 Tokyo, Japan. What else can she do but find Sylia Stingray and join the Knight Sabers? A parody of Bubblegum Crisis fan stories, by Jeanne Hedge

Warning! Yearnings -- Priss Asagiri must deal with the repercussions of the death of a friend. A very special story of Bubblegum Crisis, by Innpchan



42 -- Just why *is* Shinji such a good Eva pilot? A Neon Genesis Evangelion story by Pervert (of Nikholas F. Toledo Zu)

It's A Wonderful Eva Fic -- What if Shinji had died after the attack of the 12th Angel? A Neon Genesis Evangelion story by James Lee

Misato's Christmas Party -- Misato Katsuragi decides to throw a Christmas party, which takes turns no one expects. A Neon Genesis Evangelion story by Steve Pardue

Mothers and Sons: Shinji -- Shinji finally uncovers the secret behind Evangelion Unit 01 and confronts his father and his past. A Neon Genesis Evangelion story by Anand Rao


Ranma 1/2....

Heart of the Home -- Just what is the glue that holds the Tendou-Saotome household together? Find out in this Ranma 1/2 story, by Richard D. Lawson

I Want To Go Home -- An introspective look at a lesser-used character from the Ranma 1/2 universe, offering a different perspective on that character's personality. By Washu-chan (Nathan Robson)

A Man I'll Never Be -- Ranma Saotome ponders the state of his life. A Ranma 1/2 story, by Nicholas W. Leifker

Sabishisa (Loneliness) -- A reworking of volume 38 of the Ranma 1/2 manga, with a twist, by Michelle Mista

Storm's End -- Akane Tendo has known tragedy in her life. Now she has to struggle to move from day to day. Fortunately, she has some help. A different kind of Ranma 1/2 story, by Richard D. Lawson


Sailor Moon....

After the First Death -- The story of Sailor V's last night in London, before she and Artemis move to Tokyo. A Sailor Moon story by Ysabet

The Four Horsemen -- Ami finds evidence that the Dark Kingdom may be making a return. A Sailor Moon story in three parts, by Ken Wolfe

The Healing of Senshi Urre -- Based on the final chapter of Book 7 of Mort d'Arthur, by Thomas Mallory, and on Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, by Takeuchi Naoko. This very unusual Sailor Moon story is by John Biles

Invocation -- Queen Beryl gets her start... but maybe not quite in the way you would expect. A Sailor Moon story by Joyce Martin

Kenji -- A father's love for his daughter, seen in a series of vignettes. Not your typical Sailor Moon story. By Douglas Helm

Reality Check -- Strange things are happening to Raye, Serena, and company... Is there an alternate universe intruding on their lives? A Sailor Moon story in two parts, for fans of both the original series and the English-language adaptation, by Richard E. Rae

Warning! The Rei Trilogy -- A love story featuring Raye Hino, Sailor Mars -- but not the love story you might expect. This Sailor Moon trilogy includes None of Your Business, Five Minutes, and One Moment Longer, and was written by Chris Davies

Symphony of the Planets -- A series of five interconnected Sailor Moon stories about the Sailor Senshi as they go about their lives. These script-style stories feature Mercury, Moon and Earth, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, and were written by John Biles



And objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are -- Doctor Ido tells Gally the story of the day he found a mysterious door in the scrapyard under the sky city of Zalem. A Gunnm story with a twist, by Marco De la Cruz

A Different Demon -- A young man, on the path to death, meets an unusual young woman along his way. A Vampire Princess Miyu story, by Ben Kosse

Gunsmith Cats -- Bounty Hunter Rally Vincent finds herself the target of a hitman when a crime boss puts a $100,000 contract on her head. An untitled Gunsmith Cats story, by Craig Saunders

Like Fish to a Cat -- A retelling of the origin of Nuku Nuku. Based on All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, but you don't need to know anything about the anime to enjoy this story. Written by Richard D. Lawson



Best of All the Years -- Just another night in MegaTokyo finds Priss Asagiri judging a karaoke contest. And then she feels a pinprick..... A Sailor Moon-Bubblegum Crisis crossover, by Chris Davies

Warning! Nemesis -- Four Knight Sabers... Three Dobermans... Two Thousand tons of explosives... One little girl... The nightmare has just begun... A Gunnm/Bubblegum Crisis crossover, by Marco De la Cruz

Warning! Teenage Wasteland -- The Sailor Scouts run into a creature not of the Negaverse, and quickly find themselves out of their league. A Sailor Moon/Gunnm crossover, by Marco De la Cruz


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