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by Jusenkyo Guide

The whispering had begun late that year for her. It at first was just something in the back of her mind, thought noise, but lately it had grown to where she was able to make out words. It was worse every time she put on the hardsuit.

Nene was afraid that she was slowly losing her mind.

Talking with Sylia didn't help. Sylia just ran her through a complete physical and all that came from that was being told that she needed to go on a diet. Linna thought that what she needed was a boyfriend and had tried to hook her up with Mackie. Priss had decided to get her drunk that night, which led to some rather interesting times later on. The only upside was that now Mackie was wandering around with this stupid grin on his face and hadn't tried to take a picture for weeks.

But the whispering continued.

The suggestions were becoming harder and harder to block out. Nene spent all of her time now trying to keep from succumbing to the commands.

Finally, one dark night after a boomer attack, she fell.

Walking like a sleepwalker, Nene left her apartment and walked to the Lady's 633. The lights were off and the door was locked. Not a problem however, not when she had helped Sylia update the system.

Quickly she disarmed the system and crept into the building, heading for the secret entrance to where the Knight Sabers kept their hardsuits. In her mind, the whispering was growing more intense as the seconds passed by.

Nene walked softly through the HQ until she came to the cold storage bank that held the hardsuits. She went to the one that held hers and opened the unit. A hiss and a cloud of white greeted her as the unit opened to reveal her red and pink suit.

Trembling with excitement, and scared as to what would happen, Nene Romanova, Knight Saber and AD Police officer, gave herself over utterly to the whispering in her mind.

With a low happy cry, Nene flung herself into the arms of her suit. She started to caress the suit murmuring to it, "Oh Oscar, did that mean old boomer hurt you?"

Nene continued to hug the suit, talking and petting it like one would a cat. Then she found a small dent in 'Oscar'.

Nene sat up, rage boiling through her veins. With a loud cry of, "MACKIE!!!!!!!" Nene went off to hunt down the Knight Sabers mechanic to wreak revenge, and wreak him, for damaging her beloved 'Oscar'.

As the Lady's 633 woke to the sounds of Nene's angry yelling and Mackie's desperate retreat, the whispering stopped. Like other red headed policewomen before her, Nene had named her weapon of mass destruction.



For an explanation, I finally got to see Patlabor last night. While I was watching it, it came to me. Leona of the Tank Police is a red head so is Noa and Nene. All three are police officers and all three have access to weapons of mass destruction. Leona and Noa have named theirs, so I was kinda wondering all night, what would Nene name her hardsuit.

Bubblegum Crisis is owned by other people. So's Patlabor and Dominion Tank Police. Please don't sue me and c&c would be fun to read.


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The Name, 11 June 1998