by Mike McCraith

In the beginning, the universe was empty, except for the stars and the simple gray planet, Earth. On the small planet was a country called Tierra. Now, this country was controlled by gods. One of these gods, Colore, was known by the humans as the goddess of color. Her hair was made of every color from bright blues, to deep reds, to luminous yellows. Unfortunately, the earth, at this time, was just shades of gray. And, so the humans longed for some color, but had no idea how to get any. Colore was a very selfish goddess and refused to give any color to the humans.

Her three children, which she named Primo, Segundo, and Crystal, were very fond of Humans. All three felt they had to do something to give the Humans color. One night, while their mother slept, Primo, Segundo, and Crystal crept into her bedroom. They carefully shaved their mother's head and neatly collected the hair in a gray leather bag. They made sure that they did not wake her, for if she did wake up, they would be greatly punished. Then, the three decided to head off to Tipes. Tipes, the highest mountain in Tierra, was surrounded by the Pital Forest. Even though Tipes was an extremely beautiful mountain, no one dared to go through the Pital Forest to get there. But, in order to give the Humans their long awaited color, the children had to go to Tipes and wring the color out of the hair. The color would then flow down the mountain and fill the land with spirited color. They decided to carry out with the plan. They slowly walked along Creak's Path. This path was the "safest" path through Pital Forest. The Humans named it after Flor Creak, who was the only Human to survive Pital Forest. As they walked along, they heard the wind howling all around them, and their fright grew. Even though they were the children of a goddess, they still could be hurt by anyone, even a Human. Primo led, with Segundo in the middle, while Crystal was last. To the group's disadvantage, Crystal was deaf, and could not hear their mother's footsteps getting closer to them. Primo, Segundo, and Crystal reached the top of the mountain and cautiously removed the colored hair out of the leather bag. As they did so, they did not see the growing shadow of their mother on them. It was too late to react when they did notice, for their mother captured them inside a metal net. While inside the net, Primo put the hair inside of the bag and hid it under his clothing. Colore asked them where the hair was, and the children did not answer her. She bought them down to Frio, the Underworld. This was controlled by Bajon, a human-like god, who was married to Colore There, Colore left the children in the care of her husband, Bajon. Bajon did not care for his children, nor did he care what they did, so he let them roam freely in Frio.

The three children decided to hide the hair in a place where the humans would get to it. They searched and searched around Frio, and to their dismay, found no place that was close to the surface. They did, for the time being, hide it in a small, inactive geyser called Mobee's Geyser. From the Heavens above, Colore watched her children hide the hair in Mobee's Geyser. While her children slept, she made the inactive geyser erupt. But, unlike any other geyser, this one erupted with a poisonous gas. This gas was filled with all the evils and misfortunes that the Humans of this time never experienced before. The gas pushed out of the geyser and lifted the hair and spread is all across the land of Tierra. The hair fell on everything and filled the land with beauty. But the gas containing evils and misfortunes also spread across the land and was breathed by everyone. Colore was pleased on what she did. The Humans awoke to find Tierra filled with color. They praised and worshiped Colore for such a sacred offering. The Humans were also drugged with the gas and started to quarrel. The ones that were filled with Jealousy complained about how the other Human had better colors than they did. The ones that were filled with Disgust fought against the ones who complained about their color. The ones that were contaminated with Panic ran away from the fighting. The ones that were polluted with Execrate swore at the ones who fled. The ones that were poisoned with Hostility went around and threatened to cut off the tongues of those who used the profane language. And, still there were other mishaps happening. For instance, some of the Humans were trying to rebel against their government. Also some were destroying the temples built especially for the gods and the goddesses. Colore was even happier then. Bajon left the underworld to join his wife with the celebration. There Colore and Bajon enjoyed the destruction of the Humans. They were impressed by how quickly the evils and the mishaps were spreading. They paid no attention other than that of how quickly the Humans were killing each other.

While the celebrating was going on in the Heavens, the children planned an escape of the Underworld. They determined that this would be the best time to escape the Underworld. With no one watching, and with no Humans around, they fled past the metal gates which were the door to the Underworld. They were finally free of that wretched place. Now, all they had to do was to free the Humans of the awful tragedy that they were experiencing. They thought that they would have to go around and try to make everyone be peaceful to each other. It would not be an easy task, but they were determined to do it. They ran around collecting the swords of the Hostile, shared colors with the Jealous, and tried to quiet the Execrate, and bring back the Paniced. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The Humans started to fight, again. Colore and Bajon saw what the children were doing and decided to put an end to them. Out of the sky came down razor sharp spears that were headed for the children. The children were too busy to look out to see their doom. Primo was bringing back some Panicked while a golden spear pierced his heart and another, his leg. Segundo was collecting swords while a spear went through his eyes. Crystal was helping the Disgusted while a single spear went through her stomach. All three were killed instantly. Their blood stained their clothing.

Alto, the leader of all the gods, saw this and was not pleased. He sentenced Colore and Bajon to mortality, where they would certainly die. Then he made a miracle happen. He collected the blood and the souls of the children and formed them into Hope, Glory, and Care to help and guide the Humans. The Humans, from that day forth fought an everlasting battle against evil, all because they got what they wished for.

the end

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The Human's Box, 8 September 1996