by U amaranathan

Long ago in the land of Goewin there lived a man. He was so poor that the only belongings in his small hut were his loving wife and his infant son - Thasimus.

Despite his lack of wealth the man was rich in many ways. His wife and son loved him with all their hearts and his small plot of land yielded enough food to feed his family. The man's pride and joy was his son - little did he know the boy was not his.

Little more than four harvests ago the gods of Goewin were driven from their homeland by the king - aided by his overzealous subjects. The gods had left the land knowing that there was little they could do to repair the damage inflicted by the evil king. The gods left behind one thing - a tiny son retained in the womb of a loving woman. The boy would only be half god but the gods left him in the hope that he would restore the hope of Goewin.

The pride of Goewin had reached a level lower than it had ever been before. A drought had destroyed their crops and there had not been a successful harvest since Thasimus was born.

The king had long been driven from Goewin. The second year of failed crops was enough to convince even the most loyal subjects that the king did not care.

Strigpen the astrologer had predicted that it would be many moons before the people of Goewin would experience another successful harvest.

The years went by as the villagers drew from an ever decreasing water table. As Thasimus reached his fourteenth year his mother explained to his father the origins of their son. Thasimus' father was crushed - but he still loved the boy he had raised as his own.

As Thasimus grew he learnt of the hardship his people had endured. He left his home proclaiming that with the permission of his earth father and the aid of his god father he would find a way to end the drought.

Thasimus' father was distraught - his son had no warrior training and it would be dangerous to be alone in the forests beyond Goewin. But Thasimus was adamant - he would call upon his god father who would teach him the secret to his homeland's survival.

Within two moons Thasimus had reached his god father. His god father was eager to learn of the welfare of his former friends and he listened intently. When Thasimus had told his story his god father told him he must leave and find the solution to end his peoples anguish. "The answer" he said "is in the skies"

So Thasimus left. He followed his god fathers instructions and climbed the highest peak in the land. As he ascended the mighty mountain a strange feeling came over him - he found he could not have stopped even if he had wanted to.

Nearing the summit Thasimus began to climb above the clouds. Two hundred metres beyond the highest clouds Thasimus reached the top of the mountain. He paused, looked down at the clouds far below and jumped .

Hours later while the sun was setting Thasimus woke. He stopped, startled, when he woke as he remembered the dream he had had. There was a man in his dream "Reach into yourself" he said "within your strength lies the solution to your quest". Thasimus shook himself and placed his head in his hands as he realised that although he had found the solution to his problem he could never return to reap the rewards of a successful harvest.

Thasimus rose and, opening his heart to the skies. He gave himself to the god of thunder who boomed in reply - shattering the heavens and showering the land of Goewin in a life giving rain.

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The Legend of Thasimus, 16 May 1997