This story contains sexual content. Please do not read this story if this material offends you.


by Kelly O'Kelly

The wind came across the blue mountains and down into the valley with a vengeance that she had never seen before. The old cabin had braved the weather since 1832. Lea's daddy, had it constructed nearly 60 years ago for her mother. Looking out the frosted and broken window pane, she could see a faint figure making its way toward the dilapidated barn, behind walked a horse quite covered with snow and ice. Taking the steel blue pistol from the bunk, she dropped it into her winter jacket that she wore, even inside. When the wind blew it came through the un-chocked cracks in the logs of the tattered shack. Peeping out, she wondered who might be bedding down his horse in her barn. It had been nearly two years since she had seen her lover, when he had left with the whore from Kelly's Saloon in town. "The son-of-a-bitch," she thought. "He has probably come home to roost."

Lea held her overcautious station at the window, her hand firmly on the pistol in her pocket. Her eyes were aflame with the prospect of seeing Jake again. "Big Jake, Big Jake Salmon." The weathered gray barn door slowly opened against the drifting snow. It sure wasn't Jake. Lea watched as the tall coated figure struggles his way to her door. "Is any body home in there?" "Who is it, she yelled back." "It's Deputy French from the sheriff's office in town, I got some news for you if you'll let me in." Lea whisks cross the floor and opened the door. The man stepped inside. "I'm about froze," he said with a toothy smile, "the snow has drifted so bad you can't see the road out there." Lea could see his silver star flash as he removed the heavy winter coat. "Here, let me take that for you," she said, "I know you must be chilled to the bone." "Well, it weren't no clambake riding way out here."

Shaking the snow from the coat, she hung it on the game rack by the blazing fireplace for drying. Turning back toward him, she coaxed a smile from her normally somber lips. "Coffee," she asked? "I sure could use it." Lea reached over to the round belly wood stove for the big pot and took a white coffee mug down from the shelf. "What brings you out in this weather?" she asked, as she tumbled the boiling hot Java into the mug. Putting the mug to his lips he drained half of it. "AHHH! Thank you." Sitting back in his chair, he took off his hat. "If you are Lea Salmon, well, I guess I've got some bad news." "I'm Lea O'Banyon, but me and Jake Salmon has been living here for some time." " Why do you want to know?"

Deputy French took a small white bag of tobacco from his shirt pocket, shaking the makings into a waiting cigarette paper, he began to roll it round. "It seems as if Jake Salmon's had a terrible calamity," she put her hand to her mouth; "how is that she said?" French licked his cigarette, watching her every expression. Lighting it, he blew out the match with a gray stream of smoke billowing after it. "He's dead." Lea sat down in the other chair. Moments later she looked up, "What happened?" she asked. He drank another swallow; "found him drop hanged from the bridge that crosses Reedy Branch." "Froze stiff as a poker!" He nodded toward the stove. "Got any idea's?" "No, not a one," she said in a regretful voice, "he had some enemies." "Jake hasn't been here for over two years now; since he left with that woman in town." The deputy nodded his head as if he knew the story.

Regaining her composure, Lea opened the stove and dropped several woods down into its searing hot belly and put a few more logs into the fireplace. The last remnant of outside light was now fading into the driving wind and snow. "More coffee Deputy French?" "Thank you Miss. O'Banyon, thank you." He held out the mug for filling. "Please call me Lea," she said. "And you can call me Kalup." "OK' Kalup!" "I am going to fix our dinner, so you just relax by the fire." Kalup moved over closer to the now blazing fireplace and sat back on the old sofa. "Don't often get a home cooked meal Lea!" He said. "No Kalup, aren't you married?" "Never have been, Never will be he answered."

Lea could see the back of his head as she cooked thier dinner on the stove. Not a very handsome person, she thought, but he seems friendly, and thoughtful enough. Her mind wandered to the hand-crafted bed that she and Jake had shared for many nights, and how long had it been since - - - "No, how can I think of such a thing at this time?" "Fresh trout and eggs OK, Kalup?" Her voice rang out. "Nothing better to my mind Lea, I'm a hungry man." Lea dropped the pistol into the bread box as she removed a twist for their dinner and began to set the table. Kalup watched the softwood logs crackle and pop. Tiny eddies of smoke escaped from the edges of the bark, then succumb to the heat of the flames. "Sorry you got yourself caught in this winter storm Kalup, It's downright miserable out there tonight." "It's a sheriff's duty, Lea."

"That was a mighty fine dinner Lea, fresh trout is one of my favorite meals." He rubbed his stomach and leaned back in the chair. "Come over by the fire and warm your feet Kalup, I will get us both some more coffee." The image of the flames danced around the room, the warmth of their embrace was a welcome addition to the evening. "Take those boots off and I will dry them by your coat." He struggled with the leather knee high's. "I can help you," she said, taking hold of one heel and toe. "There you are!" "Now the other!" He smiled and wiggled his toes to the fire. "Jake always liked his coffee after dinner right here by the fire." She looked down. "Black Java; I love it," he said.

Lea sat down with Kalup by the crackling fire. "I have not had a caller for nearly three months." "It sure does get lonely here on this old place, when you are all alone." "But over and again, I got lonely when Jake didn't come home for weeks either." "It is a gratification to have someone to talk to." "Thanks Lea, I ain't the best at talking, but I play the harmonica and dance a little." "Play for me Kalup, I love music of any kind." Kalup pulled his old harpoon from the coat pocket drying on the game rack and began to play a sweet soft melody. Lea sighed as he finished. "You like it, he asked?" "Yes I do Kalup, do you know any more?" Putting the harpoon back to his lips and filling his lungs with air, he sounded off once more. Breaking into a lively tune, he was soon standing in his stocking feet, and dancing to his own music. Lea clapped and danced around him.

Lea hugged Kalup around his neck when he finished the tune. "Oh thank you so very much, it was a treat that I did not expect." His cold blue eyes met her own; "I can do a lot of things," he said, as he put his hand around her waist. Lea didn't resist. They danced slowly around the floor to no music, except the humming of his own voice. "It feels good, she thought, to have a man hold me in his arms, it's been so long!" They danced on and on, for an hour or more, around the sofa, and back again. Visions came into her mind, of the sweet times of her life as a young girl; how she wished for those times to come back...

"I guess it's time for me to stoke up the fire," she said with a smile. She reached for a big log in the woodbox. "Here, let me do that for you." Kalup took several enormous logs, and placed them on the fading fire. "I didn't realize we danced so long" he said. At that moment she knew that he was thinking of her in a different way, the same way she was thinking of him. "I like this man," she thought to herself, "and I know he likes me too." "Care for more coffee Kalup?" She said in a giggly, girlish voice. "OK, but just a snippet." She moved toward the cookstove, removing her top coat in the process. "It's getting toasty in here," she said, "the wind must have laid some." Kalup's eye's fell on her large, firm breast as she poured the last of the coffee; "damn, he thought, I like that!"

Lea reached up onto the shelf and took down Jake's whiskey jug, keeping no more than one or two good drinks. "Have a shot in your coffee?" She gestured with the jug. "I'd love one," Kalup said, holding out his cup. "Wont you join me?" Lea smiled brightly and poured the remaining whiskey into her own coffee. Raising their cups in a toast- - - "to a Coffee Royal," he said, as their cups clicked together. "Yes," Lea said, "and to the future." "A'hhha, that taste good," Kalup said, taking his second drink. "Spirit's heat me up on a cold night like this one." He reached over and put his long arm around her. "You are a lovable person, I don't know why Jake, or any other man would stray from your affections." Not putting up any resistance at all, she snuggled close to his warm body. "I did everything that I could for him but apparently it was not enough." Kalup took her face into his hands and kissed her with enthusiasm she had never before known.

"I'm so lonely I could just cry." "You can feel worse if it makes you feel better baby." Her lustrous brown eye's flashed fire as he pulled her over into his arms and began to kiss and caress her face and lip's. Her trembling mouth fell open at his touch. With arms locked tightly around his neck, she began to return the affection she was accepting. "Your lip's are luscious as honey," he said, and your touch is hot as the fire." Lea's breath became short as she spoke, putting her mouth to his ear. "I have never felt this way before Kalup, never in my life." "I want it to happen," she kissed the lobe of his ear, "I want it to happen."

He felt her body harden, when his hand glanced the nipple of her breast. She French kissed him hard as she straddle his legs. Unbuttoning her dress, his eyes gazed at the well-formed white lovelies, with the long honey tip nipples. "Oh you're fine Lea," he said, lightly putting his hands around her nude waist. She leaned back presenting her sensitivity to him, "beautiful my darling." Abruptly he became breathless, as his lips caressed her erect peaks of lust.

The robust fire felt hot on her naked back, despite her long honey blond hair hanging down over it, rendering willowy reflections to his eyes. With her head back and feeling with trembling fingers, she found the buttons of his wool shirt and released them, one by one, slowly stripping him to his waist. Squeezing herself forward, she mashed her lips to his chest, then to his nipples, causing him to scream loudly. "Lea, oh Lea." He gripped her wreathing short waist harder. "Let it out," she spoke softly, "let it out Kalup." He screamed with the bellow of a bull, as her piercing tongue pressed harder into his bare breast. "Oh baby, my baby!!" She felt his erection move under her, as she sat firmly in his saddle.

Her dress now on the floor with Kalup's pants, she straddled him, and began to kiss him with caustic potency and unbridled sensuality. She observed his face deliberate the desire that she liked to get from a man in rut. "Beastly, and erotic, that is how I like it baby." "That's how I like it too," he said, as he opened his blue eyes. She slapped him hard in the face, as he reached down to conduct himself into her waiting and wanting flesh. Screaming with candy delight, Lea opened. "Love me Kalup, Love me hard!" Jutting her head forward with her mouth open, she clamped down hard on his chest, biting and growling like something untamed. He slapped her face, as she received the totality of his manhood. His hands case round her smooth mature ass. He began to progress with the motion of the brief moment, that they could both feel coming. "I love you Kalup, I love you," he could hear her saying; as she became entirely his own. Putting both of his hands under her arms and upon her shoulders, he coarsely pulled her down into absolute obedience. The pungency of his love spout forth from his loins as she received his seed. A rushing river of love burst from her, and down upon him. She kissed him as they lay exhausted and euphoric.

Her breath was hot and moist as was his own. "You're the best Lea, the best of all!" Capturing her into his arms, again he kissed her feverishly, the musk of love became abundant. Holding her very close, he could feel her heart beat. . . As he kissed her flushed face, she caressed and licked the wounds she had inflicted upon him. "I still love you Kalup she said," as she extracted the wet blond hair from her mouth. "I love you too Lea... I love you too." Her nipples stiffened as his erection became prominent once more.

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