by Aaron Steinmetz

Date:   Sun, 14 Jun 1998 20:01:43 -0800
From:   Matt Stark 
To:     Chris Feltser 

Thought you might like this.



BEGIN TRANSCRIPT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 7, 1998  3:16 AM

MattMan544   3:16 AM   hows your computer runing?
CrAzYgIrL221 3:17 AM   better thanx for working on it
MattMan544   3:17 AM   hey no prob.  that's what i'm here for.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:17 AM   what was wrong with it?
MattMan544   3:19 AM   When the glass hit the CPU, it shook the hard drive and
                       froze the computer up.  I ran ScanDisk and it found the
                       screwed up sectors of the hard drive and repaird them.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:20 AM   any permenant damage?
MattMan544   3:22 AM   when it repaired the sectors, it blocked off some of the hard
                       drive to keep files from being written there.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:23 AM   so i've lost some megahertz's?
MattMan544   3:23 AM   you mean megabytes.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:24 AM   WHATEVER.  you know i don't know this hwole computer lingo.
MattMan544   3:24 AM   You spelled megahertz right, though.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:24 AM   cool.  i know something.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:25 AM   are hard drives that easy to break?
MattMan544   3:27 AM   Inside, they work a lot like a record player.  the needle writes
                       on the disk and if it's shaken, the needle scrapes against the
                       disk and damages it.  It's pretty sensitive to jolts and bumps.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:28 AM   well, it got hit pretty hard.
MattMan544   3:28 AM   i'll say.  the CPU was lying on its side.  You're lucky you
                       didn't lose more.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:30 AM   thanks again for fixing it.
MattMan544   3:30 AM   hey, it was the least I could do.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:33 AM   you left wihout saying goodby
MattMan544   3:34 AM   I was in a rush.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:34 AM   well, you COULD have said goodbye.  (:-(
MattMan544   3:35 AM   I couldnt find you.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:36 AM   well you sure didn't try to hard.  They said you just got up and left.
MattMan544   3:38 AM   I was late gettng home.  mom was expecting me.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:39 AM   at 3 am?
MattMan544   3:40 AM   had I noticed the time by eleven, then i wouldn't hve been in
                       such a rush.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:41 AM   lier
MattMan544   3:41 AM   are you calling me a liar?
CrAzYgIrL221 3:41 AM   Yup.
MattMan544   3:41 AM   then spell it right, please.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:41 AM   you and grammer
MattMan544   3:42 AM   Your spelling and grammatical ability is atrocious, Helen. 
                       Very juvinile.  >;-)
CrAzYgIrL221 3:43 AM   so is your pathetic attemp tto avod the subject.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:43 AM   avoid
MattMan544   3:44 AM   what subject?
CrAzYgIrL221 3:44 AM   why you ditched me tonight.
MattMan544   3:45 AM   why would i ditch you?
CrAzYgIrL221 3:45 AM   that's what i want to know
MattMan544   3:45 AM   that would be dumb.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:47 AM   are you upset about what Jaime said?
MattMan544   3:48 AM   what did Jaime say?
CrAzYgIrL221 3:48 AM   You don't know what Jaime said about you?
MattMan544   3:51 AM   I only wish for you to specify among the MANY things Jaime
                       said about me tonight.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:52 AM   when she brought up you nd Chris, and what happened.
MattMan544   3:52 AM   You heard?
CrAzYgIrL    3:53 AM   I was upstairs when it happened.  I heard about it after you and
                       Chris and Jaime had left.
MattMan544   3:54 AM   i dont wantto talk about it.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:54 AM   why not?
MattMan544   3:56 AM   Because I haven't figured out what to do about it.
CrAzYgIrL221 3:57 AM   fine.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:00 AM   what do you want to talk about?
MattMan544   4:00 AM   I dunno.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:01 AM   you're upset.
MattMan544   4:01 AM   no I'm not.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:01 AM   yeh you are.  i can tell, even over a chat line.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:02 AM   come on Matt.  I'd be upset.  after what she said about you.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:03 AM   in front of everyone.
MattMan544   4:07 AM   I trusted her when I told her that.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:07 AM   i know
CrAzYgIrL221 4:09 AM   she's the kinda girl who thinks that revealing dirt on people in front
                       of people will make her cool.
MattMan544   4:10 AM   that's the LAST time I trust her with anything.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:10 AM   bingo.  for now, at least.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:12 AM   hows Chris?
MattMan544   4:13 AM   I don't know.  he split right after it happened.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:14 AM   and you haven't talked to him?
MattMan544   4:14 AM   no.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:15 AM   you should call him
MattMan544   4:15 AM   its four in the morning.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:16 AM   he was pretty mad at Jaime.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:16 AM   I mean, he threw a glass at her.  he's not like that, you know.
MattMan544   4:18 AM   i guess i hadn't thought much about him.  lost in my own
CrAzYgIrL221 4:20 AM   Thanks.  now I'm worried about BOTH of you.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:21 AM   at least i know you're not going to do anythig stupid while youre
                       talking to me.
MattMan544   4:23 AM   Actually, Helen, I'm holding a gun to my head right now.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:23 AM   areyou serious
MattMan544   4:23 AM   Nah.  Just kidding.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:24 AM   thats not funny.
MattMan544   4:24 AM   just trying to lighten the mood.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:25 AM   Matt, he could be anywhere right now.  how do we know he isnt
                       standing on edge of  a cliff or driving off to some other place to start
                       a new life?
MattMan544   4:27 AM   God's watching over him just as he's watching over us.  Chris
                       will be all right.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:27 AM   i hope so.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:29 AM   Matt?
MattMan544   4:29 AM   yeah.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:32 AM   do you still go to heaven if you kill yourself?
MattMan544   4:40 AM   i don't know.  I've heard people say to a depressed kid he'll
                       go to hell if he kills himself, and i've heard people say to his
                       grieving parents their boy's with God in heaven.
MattMan544   4:40 AM   i really dont know
CrAzYgIrL221 4:43 AM   Chris is saved though?
MattMan544   4:44 AM   Yes.  He was saved the same time as I was.
MattMan544   4:44 AM   That's how we became such good friends.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:48 AM   ihop hes alrght.
MattMan544   4:52 AM   That's what stinks about chatting.  I'd love to give you a hug
                       right about now.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:55 AM   hm.  well, thanx fr the thgouht.  i coudl really use a kleenex.
MattMan544   4:57 AM   Can't see the monitor through the tears?
CrAzYgIrL221 4:59 AM   Why did Jaime say that about you?
MattMan544   4:59 AM   I don't know.
CrAzYgIrL221 4:59 AM   I mean, you did that before you were saved.  you didnt know any
MattMan544   5:00 AM   We knew better.  we just didn't care.
MattMan544   5:01 AM   Chris and I knew enough about Christianity to know what
                       we did together was a sin.  we didn't care.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:02 AM   I want to pray for Chris.  will you pray with me?
MattMan544   5:03 AM   of course.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:10 AM   Say aloud: "Dear God,  please keep your hands on Chris and keep
                       him safe wherever he is.  please give him comfort and security, and
                       please help him to put passed him what he's done.  and please keep
                       Matt calm and help him to put passed him what's happened as well. 
                       in Jesus' name, Amen."
MattMan544   5:15 AM   I'm going to pray for you and Jaime.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:15 AM   your gonna pray for Jaime?
MattMan544   5:17 AM   She's saved too.  and Jesus says to pray for the ones who
                       curse us.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:17 AM   Matt, you  are da' man!
MattMan544   5:18 AM   Hey, it's in da' name.  hang on. . .
MattMan544   5:23 AM   "Dear God.  Please bless and comfort Jaime.  If she feels no
                       remorse for what she's done, please tell her in Your own
                       special way and help her to see what she's done and help to
                       rectify the situation.  And please comfort Helen.  Help her to
                       see Your will in this.  You say everything will work out for
                       good for those who love You, so please help us to find the
                       good and please give us the patience to get there.  In Jesus's
                       name, Amen.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:28 AM   amen.
MattMan544   5:30 AM   Well, I suppose I should get to bed.  tomorrow should be an
                       interesting day.
CrAzYgIrL    5:30 AM   you mean today will be interesting?
MattMan544   5:31 AM   yeah, I guess so.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:31 AM   are you going to church in the morning?
MattMan544   5:33 AM   probably not.  not on two hours sleep.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:35 AM   I'm going.
MattMan544   5:35 AM   oh really?
CrAzYgIrL221 5:35 AM   Yup.  I'm not even going to go to bed.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:36 AM   Just gonna stay up for the two hours and then show up.
MattMan544   5:37 AM   You're crazy.
CrAzYgIrL221 5:37 AM   LOL Yup.  it's in da' name.
MattMan544   5:37 AM   Talk to you later.
CrAzYgIrL    5:37 AM   probably later today
MattMan544   5:38 AM   probably.  See ya.
CrAzYgIrL    5:38 AM   Bye.

END TRANSCRIPT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .June 7, 1998  5:38 AM

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