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Of creepies and crawlies and things that go bump in the night....

Warning! Content may be offensive to some readers

April Infinite -- A boy's surreal escape from despair/loneliness/death. Perhaps it's just a dream, perhaps it isn't. By Jason Young

Believe -- When you say, 'I don't believe in myths.' you'd better be sure... By Tim Imbody

Darkness -- Tormented by his existence, an ancient vampire is tormented by a craving which he cannot possibly quench, and yearns for least until She appears. By Christian Lesemann

The Denizens of Louie Shepard -- A late-night visitation from an entity of surreal terror forces a man into a psychological battle with himself and for who he loves most. A story by Michael Wolf

The Feast -- The hunt had ended days ago. Now the glorious feast began.... By Eien Ni Hen

Flight of the Black Wasp -- A gritty story of three brutal organized crime figures on a jetflight toward phantasmal vengeance. By Michael Wolf

The Hitch Hiker -- A story of what happens when you run because you have no choice, by Samhain

Jet Streams -- A bizarre summer job for two young college men turns into a macabre obsession. By Jim Roberts

Just Desserts -- According to the author: "Written twenty years after a particularly vivid drug-induced dream wherein the story appeared to me as a motion picture. Very Disturbing." By Eric A. Fagan

The Night -- Self-described "autobiographical fiction" about involvement with the occult, a pagan cult, and the weird mind-trip that it all sent one person on. By Brett Robertson

Nightbride -- Most girls dream of their knight in shining armor coming to take them away. But what if your partner really was the man of your dreams... and your dreams were often nightmares? A story by Kelly Casey

The Ouija Board -- A young woman, looking in her attic for old pictures, comes across a discarded Ouija Board. But when she brings it to work with her, to help pass the time on the graveyard shift.... A story by DC Palter

Pay Back -- A story about Anger, Pain, Rage, Betrayal, and life on an animalistic level. By Horns

Praying Mantis -- After 18 years of trying, a couple face some surprises when they finally get pregnant. By Garret Christensen

The Rain -- Are de-synthesized to horrible things? Do we look at other's plights as if it were a movie or not even real? But when it comes to our very own afflictions in life, does it really bothers us? By Anthony Lee MacFarland

Scent of Cinnamon -- Nothing is more haunting to Richard then the day he remembers his daughter's disownment and begins to smell the scent of cinnamon in the air. Then the voices begin. By Eric DeLee

Tattoo Nightmare -- Two castes live during the sixties. One slaves while one only enjoys. Why? By

Uncle Lou's Treasure -- Matt finally had it made as he claimed his big inheritance. There was only one problem..... By Brian Keen

Victim -- This disturbing story is proof that victims take many forms.... By Eien Ni Hen


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