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Warning! The stories and poems on this page are of wildly diverse genres. Currently featured are Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Anime Fan Fiction, and a collection of links.

While the authors may vary in skill and ability, all share a common love for the craft of writing. The stories linked to this page meet two criteria: they are all short to medium length stories or poems, and I like them (and I hope you will too). If you like what you read here (or even if you don't), please let the authors know. A little encouragement or constructive criticism goes a long way. Besides, it's nice to know that someone is reading your story!

Help Find Missing Authors!

From time to time, existing works will be removed due to broken links or lack of a valid email address for the author. The authors of these works will be listed on the missing authors page. If you know the whereabouts of someone there, be sure to let me know!

New Additions

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New Fantasy

Fantasy 8-4-05 Paddy's New Girl Friend -- Paddy's new girl friend was a hellishly beautiful woman, but perhaps she was something more. By Joe Vadalma


New Fiction

Fiction 8-4-05 Almost Palahniuk -- Young protagonist finds his own little corner of apathy and calls it home. By Jason Killmeyer

Fiction 8-4-05 Altered Lives -- A man tries to atone for a sin committed against his wife that permanently altered their lives, as well as that of the prostitue he visits for both comfort and for punishment. By Roy L. Pickering, Jr.

Fiction 8-4-05 Chuck's Epiphany -- Any moment could be your last. By Grudge

Fiction 8-4-05 Circle -- Boy meets Girl. Boy is killed, but do they meet again? By Mick Rhodes

Fiction 8-4-05 Everyone Remembers Their First -- A look at what it seems every person goes through at one time or another, based on the author's own experience on this right of passage. It is a trying time in anyones life, but fortunately, the humorous side can be seen years down the road. By Bill

Warning! 8-4-05 Fede Historia -- A drunk driver with no hands, my brother on coke and speeding down the highways, a crooked cop and an ambulance driver cooling his beers in the fridge. Just another night in Mexico City. By Rodrigo F. Flores

Fiction 8-4-05 Hearts In The Sand -- A man and his dog reach the end of their road together. By Bob Clark

Fiction 8-4-05 Let It Ride -- A short story about an unusual adventure at the Las Vegas gambling tables. By James K. Hickel

Fiction 8-4-05 Local Boy Makes Good -- The protagonist appears to be a loser, but through unethical means ends up being a winner. By Richard H. Williams

Fiction 8-4-05 Never Forget -- One mistake changes Jesse's life forever causing him to lose the most precious thing in his life. By Sarah Duval

Fiction 8-4-05 On to Oregon -- This being a story of an idea, of a segment, an excerpt, a blast from the past, ...of childhood, and how one might view this page in time. By Derek Twain

Fiction 8-4-05 Predictions To Live By -- A nationally noted sports announcer, former college football star turned analyst and broadcaster, is experiencing a run of bad luck. Suddenly a most unlikely chap shows up with sports scores and predictions that are 100% correct. But sometimes certain information is more than you really want to know... By Gary Grenier

Warning! 8-4-05 The Proxies -- SLiGO pub, situated on a dead end street between a dilapidated triple-decker and a refuse filled empty lot, a one story windowless box with quite a story inside... By J. Maynard Gelinas

Fiction 8-4-05 A Second Chance -- There will be one who will change the face of the world. I am that one. By Ryan Kingsella


New Horror

Horror 8-4-05 Missionary -- These so called men of God, they murdered his family in front of his eyes, and left him for dead, but an infant in the Himilayan forest... By Jon Brown


New Poetry

Poetry 8-4-05 By-Pass, by Andrea K Poetry 8-4-05 Father of Mine, by Richard Kok
Poetry 8-4-05 Ghost Writer, by Andrea K Poetry 8-4-05 Goodbye, by Lisa Day Pynes
Poetry 8-4-05 Loved Less, by Andrea K Poetry 8-4-05 T-Train, by Derek Twain


New Fan Fiction

Fanfic Link 8-4-05 John S. Garrett's Fanfiction Page Fanfic Link 8-4-05
Fanfic Link 8-4-05 Ysabet's Home Page


New Links

Links 8-4-05 The Fantastic World of Papa Joe Links 8-4-05 Literary Leaps
Links 8-14-05 Nutty Stories Links 8-4-05 Poetic Acts
Links 8-4-05 Short Stories From A Long Life Links 8-4-05 Short Stories From Hell
Links 8-14-05 Talespinners' Tavern


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The "Fine Print"

All stories are presented here with the permission of their author, and are property/copyright of the author. The opinions expressed in the non-fiction section are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Short Story Page owner.

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