by Grudge

Chuck-"Any moment could be your last. That's all he said. It was weird because I've never really thought about it before now but if I died today...."

Psychologist-"Are you unhappy with your life?"

Chuck-"No. Not really I mean. Well I wish I had taken more chances and if I had known or been aware, I could die. I'm not immortal or immune to disease I will die and who is to say that I won't walk outside and fall through a manhole or that a comet won't fall out of the sky and kill us all? I mean how do you know?"

Psychologist-"You don't. But you shouldn't worry your mind on things like that. All that matters is now. And now you are here and can change whatever you want in an instant."

Chuck-"Well I mean I'm not worried. I'm just aware, now, that I will die. And that if I don't change my life I could regret it. And I don't want to die with regret."

Psychologist-"Well regret is a natural thing and we all have it. It is not something you should fear as much as you should learn to cope with-"

Chuck-"No. No your wrong. I think regret is something to be ashamed of. I mean I had the chance to ask my first true love out on a date or even confess my love but I didn't-"

Psychologist-"And who was your-"

Chuck-"I could've lived with my father if I would've told the judge what a bitch my mom really was-"

Psychologist-"That's important, what happened between you and your m-"

Chuck-"Instead of not worrying about regret, I should avoid it. Avoid it like I would avoid death itself. Because if I don't live life then what else is there to do but die?"

Psychologist-"I'm terribly sorry our time has lapsed but I would like to continue this conversation in our next visit. How is Tues-"

Chuck-"I'm sorry doctor I won't be coming to anymore of....these."

Psychologist-"I really don't think that is a good decision. I still think there is a lot we can do-"

Chuck-"Thank you doctor for all your help and may God help you to live every moment like it truely is your last one."

Psychologist-"But chuck? You're not ready! Chuck!"

Chuck doesn't acknowledge him and walks out of the building. As Chuck is walking to his car he pulls out a piece of paper. It is the fortune cookie he had earlier prior to his appointment with the shrink. It reads: "Today is a beautiful day in your life. Today you will see things in a whole new light." When Chuck looks up he realizes he has jay walked and before he can think about it is hit by a semi and killed instantly.

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Chuck's Epiphany, 4 August 2005