Author's Note: "Father of Mine," a poem dedicated to a boy's father whose love and care has enlightened a son's appreciation. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a loving father who always supported me. With unfortunate occurrences, such as divorce or even death, many of my young childhood friends never had the privilege of having a typical father figure in their lives like I did. Often these children depended upon friends and others for personal support, but growing up without a father is especially tough. As I grew older, I learned to appreciate everything that my father had done for me, because it was hard work and devotion to put our family where we are today. Many children are inappreciative and must realize that it is not a right to have a loving father, but a privilege and an honor.

Father of Mine

by Richard Kok

You were always there
Protecting me from harm.
Concerned with care,
As you opened your arms.
Often I was scared
And often I was alarmed,
But you knew things were fine
And humored your witty charm.
You lightened the mood,
You made me smile.
You love me
Because I am your child.
Always eager and willing to be
The best father you can be.
Through my eyes, I clearly see
That you were always there
And you always will be.

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Father of Mine, 4 August 2005