by Derek Twain

...listen, wide away;
can you hear it's most solitary sound?
Wailing with a rapture,
causing rumble over ground.
Look now, do not tary-feel his cold steel embrace? Heaving with a
drumfire, rolling like a thunder. Tis' the T-Train to give chase.

Come closer and do so let us hide, and put away any thought of-or
the T-Train we will ride.

For what can be the use of this? I see we quietly reap the rain...
Why should we have to board, to contemplate it's pain?

So, remember and forget, step down from it's refrain, it's time to
embark-hastening it on... Go and bother me elsewhere, Goodbye!
Farewell, T-Train.

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T-Train, 4 August 2005