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The opinions expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Short Story Page owner. All comments related to any work presented in this section should be directed to the author.

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American Dream -- An essay about how the true meaning of freedom has become somewhat hazy for some Americans and others don't even remember what it is or how important it is. By Joseph Straub


Real Life Stories

Blueberry Pie -- A story about growing up during hard times. By Billy Morgan

Grandpa Was a Mover -- A young woman's love and devotion to her grandfather and how he found love the second time around at the nursing home. By Joyce Moseley Pierce

His Name is Jimmy -- How our cleaning woman taught me the important things in life. By Joyce Moseley Pierce

I Am The Story I Tell Myself I Am -- I hear of many who leave and die of overdoses or have been killed in violence. I am determined not to be one of them this time. An autobiographical story by Mary Barr

Name & Nature -- The author says: "The first story from the not yet written book 'Diary Of A Hitch-Hiker'. Just one of many strange tales rattling around inside my head." By John Ahern

The Night of The Lock Nest Monster -- Being in my forties now, I can look back and laugh at some of the things we did as kids and even at The Night of The Lock Nest Monster. By Richard Dale Sides

Sally Carter's Grave -- Anybody that was anybody from around our parts in Alabama had heard of Sally Carterís Grave, and the rumors that go with it. What is Sally Carterís Grave? By Richard Dale Sides


Travel Stories

Rio Caliente, Mexico -- The author describes his trip to Rio Caliente, Mexico, about twenty miles outside of Guadalajara. By Tom Dwyer


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