by Sheryl Schwartz

Life ties us all to a sinking anchor, seas roll with waves of fear
like thunder; what a price we pay for glory, yet still it makes me wonder

Is this the bottom of my soul, the end of what's to be
if I ever make my peace, will I ever really be free

Where do I go from here, how do I rise above
to find a better life, what's this thing called love

At the bottom of this ocean I'm drowning in my tears
for me it's been eternity, yet only 34 years

Swim against the currents, I know I have to try
pray I find my way back home and live before I die

The bottom of it all is where you have to start
to make it to the surface, the answer's in your heart

It's an endless struggle, will it ever stop
just take it nice and steady, you'll make it to the top

The bottom of the ocean is a dark and lonely void
keep your head above the water, or you'll go paranoid

The day you surface from the sea is when you know you've won
that's when your anchor rises, to your raisin in the sun.



Copyright 1996 Sheryl Marcia Schwartz

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At The Bottom, 8 September 1999