by Lindsay Dunn

I would have been your everything, but you didnít want it
I would have been your whole world, but you couldnít let it
I would have loved you forever, but you never asked for it.
So you are leaving, leaving me and my love here behind.
Searching for what was missing what in me you could never find
One morning you will wake up and cry
One day you will wake up empty and constantly wonder why
So let me help you with the answer
Let me tell you what I see
The thing you were always looking for
You left behind in me
You were too scared to find it too afraid to hold it close
You already knew what I learned the hard way when you find it, is when it can hurt you the most
Yesterday I loved you
Yesterday I knew exactly what I wanted was what I saw in you
Today I wake up empty crying for what is gone trying to understand what could have gone wrong
Tomorrow I will need you
But you will not be there only a faded memory no more love that I can share
I never thought I was worth it
I guess you finally agreed
I am just like the others put in to a file of used to bes
You were my everything you were my forever exactly what I thought I never deserved but no longer does it matter
Soon I will just be your passing thought the dream you cant remember
I will be filed away and there will be another you call your forever

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The Way It Could Have Been, 28 October 2001