Crystal Love

by Wing Tang Wong

Once a time ago, when I used to sit by a frozen lake,
Once a time ago, when I used to believe in fate.
I fell in love with a young girl I met by that lake,
A young girl who I lost there by that lake.
Why must love end? Isn't love supposed to be eternal?

It was when I had lived in the north when it was cold,
It was when I had enjoyed the peace of nature.
I met a young girl who was my age by a lake of crystal,
A young girl who I loved with all my heart.
Why did I fall in love with her?

In the peace of nature we became friends,
In the peace of the north, we both fell in love.
She seemed so frail to me in the snow,
But an inner strength gave her life.
Why couldn't she have stayed with me?

In the summer we enjoyed the sound of birds and animals,
In the summer we declared our love for each other.
She had so much love in her eyes,
The kind of love that would never have died.
Why did it end? Why does love always hurt?

When the leaves fell from the trees we went to school together,
When the leaves fell we had the world together.
I learned so much from her life,
She learned so much from mine.
Why does my heart hurt when I think of her now?

When the winter returned we went back to the lake,
When the winter returned we went to show each other our love.
She and I together soared with the joys of love,
We were lovers who have come full circle from beginning to end.
Why didn't I marry her then? Wasn't love enough?

When winter's ice began to melt we went back to the lake,
When winter's ice melted she would leave my life.
We didn't realize we walked on the frozen lake,
We were both overcome with sadness by the impending parting.
Why did we have to be there on the crystal lake?

We both fell into the lake as the crystal lake shattered,
We both fell in as she cried in my arms.
The ice and water covered us and blocked our vision.
I tried, but couldn't hold on, I blacked out.
Why couldn't I have been strong enough to help us both?

I woke and couldn't remember, but it all came back to me,
I woke and couldn't remember, but only tears came to me.
Someone had seen us fall in and tried to save us.
They saved me, but they couldn't save her.
Why did I live? Why couldn't I have been the one to die?

They said she sank too fast into the lake,
They said she sank like the lake wanted her.
I couldn't stand the pain, the loneliness, or sorrow.
I couldn't bear to be without her.
Why did fate let our love blossom only to kill it in the frost?

I left the north to go south and away from my pain,
I left the north and left a marker by the lake.
She rested with her mother under the lake,
Rested in the crystal that protected her from pain.
Why couldn't I gather the strength to live again?

Now I live here in peace, memories live in my mind eternally.
Now I live here wondering when I would join her where she lived.
I don't think of love anymore,
Not wanting to lose a love again.
My one and only love, but her name I will never know because the crystal lake took my love's name from my mind.

[ Note: written in third year of high school. ]

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Crystal Love, 27 May 1996