by Andy Skuse

Something strange happened today
I saw the light in a different way

Yesterday I drove to work
And ignored the bright morning sun
I watched the road and the cars around me
I had somewhere to be

But today, as I begin my walk to the store
My eyes are not on the road ahead of me
The gentle fire of the late afternoon sun
Something about it is different

Shadows long with angles deep
My legs ahead of me
Wheels on cars flicker like an old-fashioned movie projector
Slicing the light into tiny pieces

People walk by, pursued by their tall silhouettes
Undercover agents of Mother Nature
The Federal Bureau of Illumination
Some oblivious, while others stare blankly at their fair-weather companions

Orange light on white brick walls
Changes the colour of my life
Inside I feel the warmth
Outside I feel the chill of October

Reminds me of high-school
And the long walks home
Past new brick buildings
Long shadows on the walls

Day-dreams of my music
And standing on a stage
Brightly lit by coloured beams
Shining down on an ordinary boy

I have what I came for
So I make my way home
This time the light is in my eyes
But now I can see the clouds as well

Bright spears of sunlight
Break through the steel wool and shine down
And as the smokey whales drift past
The rays slowly shift their shape

Suddenly I am a fish
Gazing up at the surface of a sea
Wondering what might be beyond
But worried I might run out of air

The sun slowly lays down to sleep
And the fireworks begin
The clouds stream towards the colourful dance
And the world flicks on its halogen eyes

You've seen one, you've seen them all
So I guess I haven't seen one
I will never tire of dragon tales
Or the dying of the sun

I smile inside as night wraps around me
I am almost home
But I tarry a bit
To wonder why I have noticed the light today

Nowhere to be
Nowhere to fly
An almost forgotten feeling
And a wondering eye

My journey ends, as the porch light beckons
Casting its own warming rays
Guiding me home on a cold autumn night
With a different light

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A Different Light, 30 December 1999