The Field Trip

by Mark Hart

Ink dried circles around the days
so many dreams cast upon the stars
watching the sun rise over the backyard
anticipation dripping from Monica's window

Suffocating diesel smell at the school
Ashley wipes the chill from the bus window
Jason shares all his dreams by squeezing her hand
and the miles blend together like words in a diary

From roads to highways to towers in the sky
Excitement fogs the window with so many eyes
A day to explore the unknown and find yourself
Your soul touched by the stories in the wind

Endless sidewalks guarding the grass
Monica can't stop looking up
Matt embarrasses her at every stop light
Love felt in the hand that helps her cross the street

A rainbow swimming in the tank
All eyes are on the shark
Jason splashes her with water
Ashley won't sit with him at lunch

Jason makes fun of the Picasso
Ashley remembers her mother in a Renoir
Matt falls in love under the Starry Night
Monica finds herself in a Monet

The smell of plastic and darkness
Day turns to night across the dome
Ashley holds her breath (through the rings of Saturn)
Jason's apology under the Milky Way

High in the tower you can see forever
Ashley falls in love with everything (again)
Matt finds the courage to reveal his heart
Monica's salty tear captured in their kiss

Their Shadows begin to fall long
Holding on to the last moments of the day
Stop light, sidewalk, light pole, parking lot
The smell of diesel reminds them of home

The quiet bus filled with thoughts of the future
Ashley falls asleep on Jason's shoulder
Monica watches the city lights fade into the night
Matt holds her hand and whispers "Someday"

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The Field Trip, 26 March 1998