by Erik Sanchez

"Goodbye, Goodbye to all,"
Today, is the last day I will stand tall,
No more will I be affected by your lies,
Today, my veins will run dry,
No more will I be affected by your violence,
Today, my body will fall to silence,
No more will everyone hear me speak,
Today, I will not be able to even wink.

"Goodbye, Goodbye to all,"
I stare down a dark barrel waiting for a call,
For my conscious will soon tell me when,
To bring my life to a sudden, tragic end,
The more I wait, the more I cry,
Wondering, when I will finally die.

My finger waits patiently, on the cold, black trigger,
Knowing, a squeeze will send my brain to the wall in a splatter,
But wait! There is a voice in my mind,
Whispering a deadly chime,
"It is time, it is time, it is time,"
Just as I expected,
My conscious has called,
Finally, I will be released,
From this evil world,
That has filled my life with a threatening grief,
So I say once more, "Goodbye, Goodbye to all".

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Goodbye, 30 December 1999