In Memory

Michael McNeilley

19 October 1945 - 16 July 2000

Requiescant in Pace

God's guitar

by Michael McNeilley

God's guitar looks for all the world
like a vintage Les Paul
except that sunburst finish
is the real thing

God's guitar
has a tone that rings like Saturn
the resonance of a blue woman
the pitch of sounding belugas

God never plays hymns
but sings songs of freedom
in a voice like Odetta
from a rooftop in winter

God plays Stairway to Heaven
and they dance across the clouds
in quickening multitudes
until it rains in the desert

God's amplifier is an old Fender
tube model with true reverb
and God lets Jimi play any time
he wants to


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God's guitar, 1 June 1996