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The Poems

The Answer,
by David Leslie MacDonald
At the Bottom,
by Sheryl Schwartz
Bach was not a Mathematician (Bela Siki),
by J. Kevin Wolfe
by Jeremy Carson
A Barn,
by Martin G. Hamilton
Blood & Tears,
by Wing Tang Wong
The Commuter,
by Kenneth Tindall
Conjured, Dreamt,
by D. Alexander Levy
Crystal Love,
by Wing Tang Wong
Dance the Light,
by Jerome Pure
Desert Flower,
by James F. Harrington
A Different Light,
by Andy Skuse
by David MacDonald
The Drink that Laid You Down to Sleep,
by Aaron Steinmetz
Empty Promises,
by Stephanie
The Feeling of Love,
by Hint Giver
The Fiddler and His Lady,
by J.KevinWolfe
The Field Trip,
by Mark Hart
by Andy Skuse
by David MacDonald
The Galactogogue,
by Kenneth Tindall
The Gift,
by Mac Johanson
God's guitar,
by Michael McNeilley
by Erik Sanchez
Home Free,
by Barbara Harding-Belzil
I Have To See,
by Patrice Peck
In Our Changing World,
by Candice Borg
In shadows, no one has eyes...,
by Mark Reiley
In the Garden of Dew,
by Dennis R. Rushing
The Land of Mana,
by Courtney Bollinger
Late Nights in the Pool Hall,
by Rhonda L. Nolan
by Heather Tucker
The Lone Wolf,
by CJ Grant
The Lost Little Angel,
by Lisa Day Pynes
Lost Thoughts,
by Sharry Adams
by Michael Pirozzi
A love poem,
by B.L. Redetzke
Modern Christmas,
by Emil D. Caruthers
by Kenneth J. Blanden
Mrs. Einstein,
by J. Kevin Wolfe
My Dog is a Humongous Ball of Fat,
by Aaron Steinmetz
My Life, The Wicked,
by Tom Void
The Night and I,
by Samantha Shaffer
No Meaning,
by Tashi
Pain and Pleasure,
by C.S. Harris
R U...,
by Stephanie
Room of Sorrow,
by I.S. Parrish
Scattered Story,
by Rony blue
Shadow Angel,
by Last Lonely Heart
by B.L. Redetzke
by j Cohen
So I Said I Love You,
by Candice Alvarado
by Dancing Bear
T'was the Night After Christmas,
by Ray Pelzer
Te Quiero,
by Erik
This Darkened Light,
by Chad Herring
To Be A Star,
by Sheryl M. Schwartz
To Holofernes,
by Eien Ni Hen
by B.L. Redetzke
by Hint Giver
A Tree Remembered,
by Dancing Bear
Twas The Day Before Christmas,
by Richard Dale Sides
by Ryan Sampson
Unchained, by
A.S. Pollard
Until the Morning Comes,
by Lerna O. Brown
by C.S. Harris
by Teresa Lambert
van Gogh Says,
by J. Kevin Wolfe
The Way It Could Have Been,
by Lindsay Dunn
by Christopher Bloom
When Day Turns to Night,
by Jason Mize
The Woman on the Train,
by Chad Herring
by Dancing Bear
You Broke My Heart,
by Enchanted Light


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