by Lisa Day Pynes

In Memory of: Christopher Sheldon Haskell


A wee, kind angel came to our small town,

he searched high & low, for all the houses he did go,

“Go Quickly”, said the Lord, “Our precious angel has to be found!”

“He has wandered away but must be coming home today,

so hurry along, help our lost angel find his way!”

For the angel knew he was in the right place, he could hear the drum beats,

he could hear the lonely sound.

The angel paced up and down the darkened streets,

familiar faces he did meet.

The drum beat was getting louder, with its RAT-A-TAT-TAT,

this was the place where our lost angel was at!

“Come home with me”, said the angel, “It is getting late”,

“No”, said Christopher, pointing his finger, “I live over there, just wait!”

“Please come said the angel, I have opened the gate,

I was sent here especially for you, come now . . . we have many things we must do.”

The two tiny angels held each other tight

& went up through the darkness, where there is only light,

the little angels went to heaven where they will run & play,

the lost little angel has found his way.

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The Lost Little Angel, 28 October 2001