by Courtney Bollinger

Go to a place where legends lie,
Where imagination reaches the sky,
Where heros save
Damsels in distress,
And find themselves
In the middle of a mess!

Where there is not one moon,but three,
And magic lives in you,
And in me.

Where lore and mystery abound,
And secrets are to be found,
And danger is hidden!
All around.

Just one of these stories I will tell,
Just one,
So listen well.

Where weapons of old lay scattered,
And concealed across the land,
Some stuck in stone,others buried beneath the sand,
Lying in wait,
Until the date when three warriors with magic arts,
And a clever hand,
Come to take them up again.

To defeat an evil so great,
So great that its power enlargens with an alarming rate,
So great that it could determine the whole world's fate,
Unless it is stopped.

So the warriors go into battle!
Two boys and a girl,
A battle to save the world.

"Powers of the dark and light!
Let what once was wrong now be right!
Let all evil be slain,
Never to return again!"they cried.

The battle rages across the chamber,
Each side filled with anger and woe,
But lo!In the end,
The warriors emerge victorious,
And barely scathed.

Back at home, the trio is greeted with feasting,happiness,
And all that other sappiness,
But when all is said and done,
The three retreat to have a little fun,
And to reminisce about the battle they had won
While watching the setting of the sun.

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The Land of Mana, 8 August 1996