The Drink that Laid You Down to Sleep

by Aaron Steinmetz

Bro, come out and see the sun.
It shines over the day that's done.
It's too great to be shared alone.
Come see the glory God has shown.

Come on out and see the clouds.
The sun wears them like divine shrouds.
They swell with a gray, orange glow
And turns to red the bright white snow.

Bro, come out and see the moon.
It's not here now but will be soon.
To shine on snow; that I'm certain
Though hiding behind cloud's curtain.

Bro, why is it that you delay?
Tonight's beauty will not long stay.
I know that you worked late last night
And straight on through 'till morning light.

And after work with heavy eyes,
You skewer'd our home with spiteful lies.
Though depths of love, I'd sink for you,
You left to have a drink, or two.

Well bro, you missed the sun tonight.
But here's the moon so that's all right.
The sun's reflection on the moon
Casts replication on snow dunes.

Bro, you need to see this sight,
This night lit by our satellite.
Black shadows cast by a pine tree
Shines over the snow covered lea.

This awesome display by our Lord
Is that which plays a heart-strung chord.
The harmony fills those deprived
Of natures loveliness survived.

Come on, brother, what takes so long?
What's happened? Is there something wrong?
Come stand on this, your brother's site,
You will not have another night.

At least not like the night you've known,
Where, among friends, you drove alone.
Not knowing one who drinks and drives
Can threaten many other lives.

Come on bro, get out of your bed.
Sleep is a hunger that's fully fed.
Come feel the love of life instead,
And see the sunrise sky turned red.

God's seeds don't last long once planted
So never take them for granted.
Don't let one day cast by; not one,
For once they left for good, they're gone.

Come on, brother, just let me see!
What of the faults reside in me?
If I were to pick any name,
Then who or what would be to blame?

Why one time when you don't strap in
A midnight car crash should happen.
Was there something I didn't say
That made you throw your life away?

Why you placed your bed six feet deep
and took the drink that laid you down to sleep?
But these questions that grill my brain
Are enough to drive me insane.

So nighttime rambling, I shall cease
and leave so you can rest in peace.

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The Drink that Laid You Down to Sleep, 26 March 1998