by Sheryl M. Schwartz

Outer regions of time and space
and look at where we are,
stuck in the middle of a human race
place having no ending or start
infinite possible combinations
of glittering, newborn stars
cosmos travel back farther than creation

I imagined how it would be fun
to be a twinkling star, burning brighter
and clearer than the most distant sun
so far-off, yet much closer to slightly touch
millions and billions of light years
away, unreached by our world as such

What I would give to proudly live
amongst all those stars and celestial bodies
to be gazed at in awe, unrivalled, adored
no matter where we are, blessed by God
and Hubble would be my best friend
until I burned out my stellar core
from as far as the eye can see,
past the universe's bend


© January 2001, Sheryl Marcia Schwartz

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To Be A Star, 13 January 2001