by B.L. Redetzke

Open your eyes
You say to me
Face the morning sun
The past is behind us
Like empty baggage
We toss it in the river
The rushing waters take it away
Today is a new day
I close my eyes
And jump in after it
The cold water races through my blood
I try to reach out for the bags
My body stiffens from the cold
My lungs gasp for more air
I try to stay afloat
The current takes me under
Stop living in the past
You scream to me
Today is a new day
But like a child's love of Christmas
It lingers in my mind
I allow the water to take me
Take me until the water is no more
Just hundreds of bags
I close my eyes and go to sleep
Laying in the sea of the past
Wake up, you say
Face the morning sun
Get out of the past
Today is a new day

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Today, 18 March 1997