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Hi! I'm glad you like my story page enough to consider submitting something. These are the submission guidelines for The Short Story Page. Please read and follow them carefully before you submit.


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Basic Guidelines



The Short Story Page does not pay for any submissions, or for anything appearing on the page. It's not a commercial or for-profit operation. The only thing I'm getting out of this is satisfaction.


I'll Need More Than Your Submission

If you decide to submit something to me, I will need some additional information in the event your story or poem is added to the page.


How to Get Your Submission to Me

IMPORTANT -- Make sure you include your e-mail address in any correspondence with me!!! Some people have sent things I'd love to use, but their e-mail software wasn't set-up correctly and didn't provide me with a valid address to reply to!

  1. Other Web Site -- If it's on another web site, send me the URL.

  2. For My Server -- It it's to be added to my server, send your submission to me via e-mail, either in the body of the message, or as an attachment (I can take MIME files). Please make sure you've provided all the information I need (see the I'll Need More Than Your Submission section). Also, be sure to double check the File Format section -- I hate getting submissions I can't read because I can't open the file! If I use it, I'll format it for the web, put it on the server, and then contact you for any changes or corrections that need to be made.



PLEASE do not send your submission in all upper case letters, unless that's how you intend it to be published.

The preferred formats for attached file submissions are: Text (TXT), Word (DOC), or Rich-Text Format (RTF) documents. Other formats can be tried, but I won't guarantee I can read it.


Copyright Information

All stories are presented here with the permission of their author, and are property/copyright of the author. -- I just wanted to clarify that. As far as I'm concerned, the only rights I have concerning your stories or poems is the right to present it on my page... with the author's permission.

There are several excellent sites on the web about copyright as related to writing. Some sites I've found helpful are

An extensive list of web sites devoted to copyright issues can be found on Yahoo as well. You may want to refer to these or other sources of information, including those specific to your local area, before making a submission here.


So, having said all that (and hopefully not coming off like a jackass), I hope you are still interested. I'd certainly like to hear from you. Send your submissions or any questions you might have to me at

Thanks again!

Jeanne Hedge


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Submission Information, Last revised 8 February 2003